Sunday, June 13, 2010

Golf - underclubbing... practise never ends

Play Your Best Golf - Break 90 Vol 1
12th June 2010 Preparation for Sunday’s round was finished off this week with two 9 hole rounds and a revision trial in swing balance for curiosities sake. Finally got myself back into the winners spot in the Friday night 9 hole “Chicken Run” stableford comp. at the club won on a countback between 3 golfers with 18 points and that included zero points on the first hole and had a gross score of 47 off the stick. A good return considering the eight shots on the par five first hole. The “Chicken Run” is a semi serious comp. and is a lot of fun to play in. Also a great way to tune up for the weekend. It was interesting to be in a group with 3 of the clubs acknowledged big hitters, as I have commented before I am not seen as a big hitter by myself or the other players. This may have to be reconsidered, after the round which included a lot of running commentary and gamesmanship I more than held my own off the tee.

The gamesmanship was a result of having five golfers who have all played matchplay this season against each other, it was very good natured and after this game it is apparent that we all accept future meetings in the club championships are considered possible this season. I do prescribe to the adage; “Drive for show and Putt for dough” in my golf. The effect of playing good shots off the tee especially of late in my experience cannot be ignored. For those who may not know from my previous posts, I did not use drivers at all in rounds for the first year, only since January 2010 has the driver even been in my bag. It has taken a while to get the accuracy off the tee that was so beneficial last year using irons only. Certainly had a lot of fun as well in the transition period, winding up and really belting the ball at times with the driver just for the sheer joy. Since getting the rythym and swing technique consistent the distance of my shots has been average 220 m and occasionally 250 m. Making it so apparent that technique is the key to golf rather than brute strength. In 9 holes on Friday I was up there or past the big hitters I played with and still all that mattered to me was being on the fairway and not the length. On the third last hole a par five one of the guys tried to cajole me into using a driver for my third, a little bit of argy-bargy followed and I played my 3 iron as intended and he pulled his out and played his as well. It was all gamesmanship and fun to do but I take note of this as much as the various playing style and attitudes of other golfers as well for future reference. In fact I won the comp. beating this guy in the final countback for the day. We both knew what the others approx score was at the time and he was trying to goad me into letting him in with an ego driven slog and possible error.

Yesterday was a very relaxed day, ambled out for 9 holes (44 gross with 12 putts) after practising first. I was only doing short iron hitting 7 to 9 and some pitching wedge pitching in practise. My short irons have been a bit of a quandary of late, since changing to the older (1980’s) irons and reshafting the to my preferred length they have improved. I appear to have lost 5-10 metres with my lofted clubs these do have more loft than the cavity backs had for the same iron sizes, to balance this though has came greater accuracy and “feel” with the irons so the practise is to get comfortable with the choosing right club for distance. For curiosity I did use an older practise routine for some variety and to help gauge my club selection choices. Simply standing with my feet close together and taking as large a swing I could without losing my balance is the drill. Then widen the stance and hit another ten balls then out to my regular stance and another ten. This has helped me in realising hat my swing is not too bad and I had good accuracy and did not lose my balance with the feet close together. From 100 metres out I now have to take a little more time in club selection and acknowledge the course conditions and this will curtail the under clubbing problem. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”  Geoff

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