Saturday, July 10, 2010

GOLF - Winter play is a new game

10th July 2010 Looks like my request for some winter weather has got through to the weather gods. I am sitting inside contemplating going out to film the course in its tougher playing conditions. Not raining but the gusting winds that makes the game so challenging here are rattling the windows. Doing a little mental refresher course in my mind at the minute, I have been out and practiced in the less favourable weather this season and it looks like tomorrows comp. will be the first time the practice will be needed. As usual feeling confident that I will be reasonable on the course, a little added incentive is that a win should have me the likely winner of the John Leake Trophy for the season. A best two of three rounds, won the first round and am in good form at the minute so should be able to come in near the top.

Have put in the hours practising putting and pitching this week. The long game is not going to have much effect on my improvement in coming months. To cut 4-5 more strokes a round off my scores is going to come from getting up and down in two shots when not on the green and one putting for birdie when on in regulation. Following on from last weeks round and recovering from a 10 on the first hole, yesterday afternoon’s 9 hole ‘Chicken Run” stableford comp also had me pull out the stops with 2 points after 3 holes and 18 after completing 9. Added to this I was also playing off 19 hcp and not my official 20 hcp. One of the conditions of this comp. is that players who win have a shot taken off their hcp the following week also players who come in with a 21 points plus for the nine also lose a stroke.

This is to make it a very open and fun competition not dominated by the same golfers winning each week. I have found it to be particularly effective in improving my game on two fronts. It is enjoyable and a very good tune up for the club competition round on the Sunday. Of equal import is that I get to experience playing off a lower handicap than usual in a competition and having to perform to win an event against other golfers. Like many golfers I try to break my handicap in practice, when playing off a lower hcp even if it is only 9 holes, the competative spirit certainly kicks in for me. Not to forget I do a lot more laughing, sledging and chatting than I or my playing partners would do in an official round.

It is especially intyeresting in this comp. The surprise many of us get when playing and seeing the other game face of people who previously we thought were so serious is a great benefit to the club social character. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit ‘em straight all.

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