Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GOLF - a good score at last

26th October 2010 Like most people I prefer life to amble along without much difficulty and minimal brain strain having to be enacted. Fact is that every now and then a smooth path can become a roller coaster ride affected by outside influences. Fortunately these are not often negative events, usually they are invigorating and inspiring activities that are part of work in my case. I admit to relishing this excitement and the effect of creative release associated with these events. Golf is the balm to those moments when everything is travelling along smoothly the game is never a chore or an irritation with the reality that my game is never static. Having observed many other golfer of higher and lower handicaps when playing rounds this game never reaches a level of repetitive humdrum no matter what my ability is going to reach. Which is why golf is an obsession to me and it is a joyful experience even when playing crap.

After the loss in the semi final of the “B” grade club championship my next round was 27 holes at Mt Gambier (16/10/10) in the Spring Carnival. Again my game was erratic and the putting game was a disaster for the round with a 46, 54, 55 split for the three nines. Mind you a very windy day on a course whose greens where much faster than my home course was a testing experience. Also the Driver was a little erratic off the tee at times and made it difficult for the next shot. Even this was not a problem as the past few weeks i have been slowly developing a fuller swing that is more technically correct and accept the inacuraccy for the significant added distance. The improvement is also affecting my iron play and all it is going to require is some dedicated practise to establish the improved swing consistently.

The following Sunday (24/10/10) it was a trip to Penola and the next round that counted in the DK Edwards Trophy. Again a first time experience on the course and a very worthwhile one at that. Having played at eight different courses as part of the Edwards Trophy competition this was a round that showed the benefits in my golf game. The first four holes I played the improved swing off the tee and each ball drew to the left and was long, a little modification and I began to hit fairways. Unfortunately not quite as well as I would have liked but still an improvement. The irons with second strokes on holes and off the tee on par 3’s were the best I could do and together with a short game of pitching and putting being good enough I had a gross 90 and a net 71 the best round for several weeks.

My confidence on the greens was a delight to have back and for a change putts dropped more often than just missing. In recent rounds there has been a lot of almost in the hole putts that have happened because I did not quite hit the ball well enough, as usual practise has helped. Putting is not hard there is a small margin for error and that is the difference in success or missing. Not ignoring that my putting has a long way to go, the minute I am on quicker greens I begin to struggle with reading the distance and 3-4 putts are back on the scorecard. One more round of the Edwards Trophy to go and it is at my home course and even though I have no chance of winning it the experience as been fantastic, socially and practically for my golf. Playing on other courses is without doubt a valuable part of enjoying golf beside helping to improve your own game. Hit ‘em straight all. Thankyou for your time and attention.

PS I have just finished the trailer for a golfing documentary film I am producing. Will post details here in coming days.Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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