Saturday, November 27, 2010

ROBE Village Ambrose and New Film done...

Been a great week on the course to be honest the enjoyment has been all about hitting the ball well. Have played myself into some good form for the Robe Village Ambrose today after winning the 9 hole Chicken run Friday arvo, 41 off the stick and 22 points. It has rained for an hour and a half this morning which will settle the dust and take a bit of the bounce off the fairways and greens, happy with that I still do not have the ball striking ability to get the back spin on long iron shots developed well enough yet.

The club AGM was on Wenesday night and after listening to the Club President speak, some alien force levitated my arm and I have ended up as the secretary of the club for the next year.

I had decided earlier to nominate for the committee and undertake a dedicated membership drive. Instead I have chosen to get a little more involved as the club is beggining to struggle and like many smaller country clubs is finding active members a scarce commodity. I have done my time on committees in the past and was never going to do it again mainly to avoid the situation that many who do this encounter, nobody else ever stands up to replace them.

I am sure that in coming months I will be more forthcoming on this and what is happening at the club. I have already written a three page letter on major considerations for the club to act upon and things I will do in the next twelve months.

Okay big day on the Golf Course for me In the ROBE Village Ambrose. So for all of you who have not yet had a look at my new film for the NSW Australia Day Committee have a look today and PLEASE VOTE!!! (One lucky voter will get a prizeTOO!!)

Aussie’s Younger Days Some friends have got back to me that the link sometimes goes to a film of a young girl singing that is an occaisional glitch on the site if that happens to you please look at the entrants list for my film name above. And please VOTE one lucky voter will win a prize donated by the NSW Australia Day Committee

Aussie’s Younger Days by geoff dening
Reel Australia
Film Competition
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Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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