Monday, December 20, 2010

A great end to the weekend..


Golf forums are markedly different to many of the sports forums which are popular on the ’net. Whilst most sports forums have the posters commenting mostly about the Highest Professional Competition ie AFL, NRL, FA, NBA etc. Golfing forums do cover PGA competitions yet there is a great deal of comment on individual golfers, club and regional competitions. Golfers are not in the main spectators and importantly we are not team members like players of football, basketball, hockey and other sports. This is perhaps self explanatory to why golfers can openly discuss their own performance and not be treated with derision for doing this as most of the readers are not armchair critics who do not play the game and can relate to what is being said.

Getting very close to the end of the season/years postings for 2010 and keeping my list of goals short and sweet in the results targeted has been a success. Well I am calling it a success, the most important goal was to achieve a 16-15 handicap and at the minute I am waiting for the last two rounds played to be loaded by the respective club handicappers. As posted above (yesterday) prior to the round that followed Sunday afternoon, on Saturday I won the Kingston SE Summer Open Div #2 (B) grade with an 88 (69 nett), this was matched with an 87 (68 nett) 41 stableford points in the Robe Club Competition the next day. In the two days I played to a 15-16 handicap and my handicap at the minute was 19 so I expect to drop to 17-18, (have not done the calculations myself for now).

That is good enough for me to accept as a win in achieving a goal. October and November were hard months as my game began to improve and the vital consistency had not established itself. Also the necessary mental adjustments to how I played the game were not strengthened to match ready. This was the most difficult transition to make, being mentally on the same level as my improved playing ability.

It was a difficult struggle adjusting to play in my preferred low risk percentage game whilst the shots the previously were safe, would play too well now, as I could hit the ball so much better. Golf is a game of millimetres and that is how little change in a shots execution can happen to make the result very different. For now though it is time to sit here and wallow in the results and satisfaction of my golf in 2010. Thankyou all for reading and commenting though the season. Best wishes for the New Year and a happy Christmas to all. “Hit ‘em Straight all” Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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