Monday, March 21, 2011

Best score in a competition so far...

Monday 21/3/11 The past few weeks since the end of Southern Ports my scorecards have not been that good. The two trips to Naracoorte in particular had returned the worst scores in some time. Even though this was competitive competition, playing at Naracoorte is effectively to familiarise myself with a new track for the Masters games. As stated in my last post the benefit that has came from playing other courses always has been a refreshing of my approach to the home track at Robe.

This weekend was no exception to this, as I played on Sunday in the home competition after the poor score the day before. This was to see how well I could front up on two consecutive days of competition golf. This second day of golf resulted in my best ever score off the stick in a competition game. Finishing the day with a Front 9 - 40, Back 9 - 41, a Gross 81 with 30 putts. This score was good enough for third place on the day, that was a bonus. To have played this well and still have a 2-3 shot improvement possible is so satisfying after feeling a little despondent and considering a two to three day golf break to freshen up on recent results. Using the Handicap Predictor on Golf Link my handicap is going to drop 1 stroke to a 14.

The break is still an option for the start of this week. In the meantime replaying the shots that yesterday brought home the score and how much these are a result from the experiences at Naracoorte. Without the doglegs and being able to play long off the tee with out endangering my ability to play a clear second shot, I was off to a flying start. First benefit from Naracoorte in the shot playing, was the improved accuracy with the driver, the best in recent memory that can compare to my best practise sessions. Second shots were hitting the green in regulation and four chip shots in particular landed literally on the target spot chosen for the green. Putting was a revelation and in part a concern possibly, 15 on each nine and the reading of the greens was so easy with the familiar home course.

Today the sticks can be cleaned and no swings will happen at all. In the afternoon I have a Bowen Therapy appointment to fix up some muscle strains and realign my back. Tomorrow I am considering a trip to Naracoorte just to play the front 9. The rounds there have been away to good starts on the first four holes and then breaking down. Ambling around by myself I can take my time and get a definite sighting of the last five fairways and derive a playing strategy for them. At the minute the reshafted blades are proof that the choice was correct, having scored 82,83 and an 84 with the previous iron set in recent weeks, this new set have gone straight on with the job so they are definitely not a hindrance. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”Geoff

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