Thursday, March 31, 2011

Masters Games weekend is here....

Thursday 31st March 2011

Returned home today after a very satisfying trip to Adelaide. Most important was the very positive reception the Golf Documentary in production received during the meeting at SA Film Corp. As an independent film maker with my background in live performance getting a response in a comedy gig obviously laughs means that the job is being done right. Making a movie is a long drawn out process and honestly the mechanics of it are bloody boring to the onlooker. This meeting where I did a lot of answering questions, ended up with me being told that I was doing the mechanics of film production very well. It was a great motivating boost and will inspire me on when buried in the long tedious editing process in coming months.

On the way to town I called in and played the front 9 at Mount Lofty, great fun and will be a regular stopover on my regular visits to Adelaide. Next trip will play the back 9 with much gusto. Was fortunate the unseasonal rains have greened up the hills already in the year and that is much better than playing in dusty conditions. It was particularly beneficial for my preparation to the Masters games having a hitout at a new course and exercise my ‘game’ brain.

The rehab. exercise routine has done the job on the groin and hamstring strains carried over from Sundays round. This has been a weakness in my body that as been affecting my golf as well as daily life since the beginning of March. Not even a twinge while traipsing up and down the hills at Mt Lofty. Hit 90 balls at the Drummonds driving range on Wednesday and again no twinges and a very good workout on my irons and drivers for the Masters this weekend as well.

Friday will be tune up the pitching, chipping and putting and that will be all in the final preparations. My hit off time is 12.30pm on the 10th tee, seeing that I have played the back nine better in both my previous rounds at Naracoorte that is a little positive boost before hitting a ball.
Naracoorte Golf Club

10th Hole – Par 4 – Mens 363m Ladies 346m

Ranked the toughest hole on the course. Tricks players into attacking off the tee, but best to hit your most trusted club from the tee and onto the fairway. The further you drive the more difficult it is to keep your ball on the fairway due to a narrowing, doglegging fairway with the trees impeding the further you hit. The most difficult task on this hole is sticking your approach on the tiny green which slopes deceptively from right to left. Any approach landing short will stay there and any ball landing past the middle of the green will be out the back door with a devilish shot back.

11th Hole – Par 4 – Mens 323m Ladies 301m

An interesting hole calling for position off the tee at about 220m avoiding the gums on the left hand corner and avoiding running through the fairway. The 2nd shot calls for precision to a two tiered green which doesn’t see much daylight due to the magnificent array of trees aligning both sides of the hole. Some long hitters have been known to nearly drive the green, but it requires a perfect shot with zero margin of error. Good luck to those who try.

12th Hole – Par 3 – Mens 154m Ladies 145m

A simple par three played slightly uphill to a generous green protected on the left by a small bunker and on the right by a thick grass bunker. Putting can be a challenge here as your ball will always move as it loses pace. Take your par gladly and move on to the next.

13th Hole – Par 4 – Mens 346m Ladies 343m

An interesting hole which doglegs right, challenging the player to bite off as much as they can. A real risk and reward hole coming at a pivotal time in the round. Best to once again hit the fairway with your most trusted club as the 2nd shot doesn’t throw up to many tricks as the only protection around the green is a bunker located well short and to the right. Green slopes back to front and left to right.

14th Hole – Par 5 – Mens 477m Ladies 435m

A hole which throws up more eagles and birdies than any other on the course but beware as it also has more double figure scores than all the others combined. Big hitters can carry the corner shortening the hole but the scrub on the left can often lead to lost balls. Whilst talking of lost balls avoid the right hand rough and trees as this is the most punishing around. Once on the fairway the only concern is avoiding a fairway bunker located 100 metres from the green and the deep greenside traps on a generous green which slopes back to front.

15th Hole – Par 4 – Mens 334m Ladies 327m

A difficult par 4 played uphill requiring a pinpoint drive which will be thrown to the right with the slope whilst the hole slides around a gentle left dogleg adding to the difficulty. Once on the fairway your problems have only started as the approach needs to be struck with pinpoint distance control as this green is a monster if you find the wrong portion. Two small bunkers left and one on the right protect the green but it is the green that throws up the biggest threats, leave yourself an uphill putt if possible. This is one hole that you can’t escape with an ordinary shot.

16th Hole – Par 3 – Mens 157m Ladies 140m

A tricky downhill par 3 made so by the exposure to whatever wind is around and a two tiered green which sits unusually across you. The green is protected left and right front by 2 bunkers. There is a steep fall away off the back of the green filled with thick grass, best to miss this green short as it requires a first class pitch from behind the green to secure par.

17th Hole – Par 4 – Mens 376m Ladies 311m

Our longest par 4 requires a drive to be shaped left to right around the dogleg as a straight shot will run through the fairway. Once on the fairway a middle iron to a smallish green protected on the right by a bunker is all that is needed. A flattish green holds no fears as it is the drive which holds the key to this hole.

18th Hole – Par 5 – Mens 438m Ladies 382m

A chance to finish in glory on this relative easy par 5. The drive must skirt the right hand side of a narrow shute. Ideally the drive needs to move left to right for the second hole in a row to avoid running through the fairway and if you avoid the blind fairway bunker on the right you then have a good line into the green surrounded by bunkers short left and on the right. The green doesn’t throw up to many challenges so tap in for birdie and enjoy a celebration in the clubhouse.

Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em Straight all."Geoff

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