Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Shafts on old Blades

Wednesday 16/3/11 Took the trip to Naracoorte and played in the Saturday 18 hole Summer Open event without any success on the scorecard. Finished 12th in the “B” Grade after a day of below average putting even for my standard. Was not perturbed about the poor showing, the course had a few hazards for me on the front 9 that considering this was my first visit took me over the expected result. On the Back 9 the Driver was left in the bag and #3 Metal took over the tee shots with good effect. My scores were a 52 and a 47 with at least 40 Putts a gross 99 and nett 84 in total.

The greens were not what was expected , finding out afterwards that this was the 4th consecutive day of competition on the course being the reason. Unfortunately my body was also not travelling well either. A flare up of accident injuries took their toll on the scorecard as well. All things considered the score was bad but the experience was not without merit. As part of my preparation for the Masters Games played on this course in April, it was good trial. At this stage another Naracoorte trip will be on for me Saturday, must admit that my pride has been a little dented with the first experience and I am out for a rematch with the course.

This coming round will be my first with the latest set of irons to grace my bag. Picked up a set of Nike Stiff Flex Graphite shafts from ebay and have fitted them to an old set of Keith Knox blades purchased last year. Previously the shafts were too short and as much as I enjoyed practising with them they were unacceptable for serious competition. Was tempted to take them to Naracoorte last week but the glue needed another day to cure. Since Monday they have been given a thorough trial on the course and in practise, proving very satisfactory. My ball striking has improved significantly and the transition to blades is now beginning. Tomorrow I will play 9 holes of serious social golf with a regular sparring partner (off 13) only two strokes separate us now, a long way from thedays when I was on 27+. Has always been a benefit for my game having serious practise rounds with this fella. Tomorrow will be the last chance to have a hit as he is returning to Tasmania.

It is a delight to hit 20 balls and see them fly straight and true to a target area ranging from 50 to 150 metres. The choice of graphite shafts came from trialing a set of 2010 Taylor Made Burner irons. The ball left the club face so well and the distance was a surprise for the lack of effort used to play shots. The same applies to the Knox blades and graphite shaft combination. The lightness of the irons in total together with the touch and accuracy is a marked improvement on the previous set. It is still a particular pleasure to experience the improved shot making skills in my game now. Even with the erratic putting which will improve over time with practise. Seems like yesterday when I used to spray balls left/right, topped or hit them fat with iron shots.

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”  Geoff

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