Thursday, March 24, 2011

Primed and ready to play...

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Thursday 24/3/11

One of the draw backs of my work is the seemingly endless hours of 'inactivity' in between doing anything. Which may be the reason why golf is a popular and do-able activity for the group of people loosely lumped together as 'entertainers'. As March draws to a close my extended golfing holiday is also reaching its demise.

Which is to say that instead of playing a lot of golf I will be talking golf as the interviews will begin in April. First set done will be with the golfers who have played and won the "A" grade Title of the Southern Ports Tournament. This includes some very talented people who have more to their achievements than single figure handicaps.

Next will be the professional golfers some who have played and won the title as amateurs, before starting their careers. Others are touring Professionals and club professionals who have a connection with the region and the golf played there still.

This will take the production through to May 2011, the schedule then has some more entertaining aspects for the film. In the prelude will be some technical preparations to begin the editing process of the footage already shot. A job that for several hours of film 'in the can' translates to multiple hours of sitting and looking at the vision in the editing suite.

Hence I have no guilt at all that playing golf has continued being a very dedicated pursuit for the rest of March to include the Masters Games. Initially the entry in the event was in case something unexpected affected my ability to play in the Southern Ports Tournament. I can say now that after the second round the next morning I soon discovered that my left hamstring and groin had 'gone', after taking the first steps out of bed.

It was a "bugga" moment as there was no way I could get a treatment that would be able to fix it until after the tournament was ended. Fortunately after many years as a crock and having to carry injury it was not a major drama. Sadly, it also was not an unexpected happening. Still managed to get through a partial practise round at Beachport on the lay day.

I was confident that my training would at the very least keep me in contention. Which it did and to lose in a playoff for first place and still come second in the "B" gross and nett (handicap) was very satisfying. Having finally got the required treatment on Monday just gone I am now much better in walking and flexibility and should be fine to get through the two consecutive days at Naracoorte.

In the mean time this week I am laying up again this week, pacing myself to be fresh. "Less is more" has worked before and is being used this week especially. Keeping the practise to hitting golf balls through the clubs in the bag. The Front 9 holes played at Naracoorte on Tuesday were terrific, the 42 off the stick has set me for the following week there. That is enough walking around except for picking up balls on the range, the rest is short game practise and no strain.

This weekend is the first qualifying round for the club handicap championships, which is my only chance to register in. The next round is during the Masters weekend and I am already omitted. Then into the dreaded four letter word - Work

Thankyou for your time and attention, "Hit 'em Straight all."Geoff

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