Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Handicap Pennants Padtyhaway v Robe 10/4/11

Tuesday 12th April
Played Handicap Pennants on Sunday for a losing score (3/1) and putting the only blemish on the team score of 4 wins and 1 loss. It was great fun and damn it was good to drink beer and not have to drive. Even so the following is cut from another of my posts on here today

"Our club had a real battle getting a team in to play and to be honest even though it was fun we really are wasting our time fielding a team in my opinion. Three months of asking players to play got us a response as invigorating as a tepid cup of tea. Taking 5 players out of our Sunday competition field is anywhere from a third to a quarter of regular players. (Pennants is on Sundays here and most clubs play Saturday comps. except ours.) Personally the experience of match play is good and I do enjoy the challenge and playing that format of golf. On the other hand I am playing for “nothing” and have no motivation to want the win. Club glory ,adding a piece of material to the wall, in a team where it is a matter of cajoling players to play is “F@@ked” Would rather play at home and have a crack at winning a $50 voucher.

I will be travelling to play in 10 or more regional club opens this year and that is doing more for the club and my golfing enjoyment than playing pennants this season."

The big plus was the Driver is beginning to work again in my hands. The practise of the past week has paid off and Lucindale has the same gum tree lined fairways as Naracoorte, not as thick though. Even sop the driver was incredibly accurate. My game fell apart with my long irons and of all things pitching to the green. Two parts of my game that has been a strength since January.

It was mostly a fault caused by a lack of motivation. In all honesty I was not playing for anything with two holes to play I was 2 down and hit a great drive absolutely perfect and where I was aiming. Cut the corner of the dogleg to be 75-80 m from the green and 50 m closer than my opponent. two half arsed shots later I was still 15 m short of the green, put the next one on (half arsed shot again) and was 4 m short of the pin.

Not in the team this weekend, only because the need to get other players qualified for finals (play 2 rounds). I need to play my Handicap Championships elimination game also and this weekend is the time to get it done. Cannot do it earlier as I am off to Adelaide today, and getting another round in at Mt Lofty on the way of course lol.
Thankyou for your time and attention "Hit 'em straight all" Geoff

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