Monday, April 18, 2011

Hitting Fairways helps...

Sunday 17th April
It was a pleasure to finally have a competition round on my home track for the first time in a 4 weeks. The fine weather was a bonus, the true enjoyment came from being able to put the practice for the past couple of weeks to the test. With enough breeze to be a moderate influence and not a matter of fighting to stand upright on the tee, the results were good. Hitting 7 fairways and 5 drives no more that 1-2 metres off. Finishing with 36 points and wiping one hole for 3rd place, behind 1st and 2nd (both on 37pts). It was the first time that I was not focussed on winning the competition. It was a definite goal of getting the tee shots on target and not having to start holes off with a recovery shot as the second, and establishing consistency.
The wipe was a result of that, I was feeling very satisfied with my performance and chose to challenge myself with a riskier drive on the 13th. Usual tee shot here is a #3 metal off the tee and reach the turn at around 200-220m of a dogleg right. This time I chose to chance my arm, hit the Driver and play a fade around the dogleg. Hit the ball too far right off the tee and it was lost, fading it into impenetrable scrub. It was well worth the change to play a riskier shot and deal with the failure. Should have played a provisional but the round was taking way too long, (5hrs plus) following Pennants comp. players and a lot of visitors on course. No matter the goal of better tee shots except on 13 was realised and I can now play with confidence off the tee and not suffer on away track matches in the rest of the Pennants Season and coming Club Opens.
Tommorrow is my Elimination matchplay round for the club handicap championship, feeling very satisfied with the preparation and my game at the minute. It will be an enetertaining match giving my opponent 4 strokes will add to the challenge.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”

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