Friday, June 24, 2011

Golfing not drowning....

24/6/11 Coming towards the business end of the golf week for my game and time to review the progress of the weeks practise. From pondering the DAN PLAN some quick maths from my experience since 2009 tallies up to 1400 hours minimum put into golfing. There has been a structure to this and the result in going from 36 hcp to 14 at the minute is proof enough that this worked. The intangible essence of playing winning golf and the attitude this takes is evolving in line with the lowering handicap. A recent comment from Steve Bowditch was excellent in its timing for the next step, “It all comes down to what you really want shoot.. ( your goal) once past that you have to use the great line.. F@ck it!!.... You have to want it and have to be prepared to crash… Do not ever let fear hold you back!!!”

My game has never been an “attacking” game, more emphasis placed upon playing percentage shots and keeping the score around the handicap ability is an apt description. In playing with the lower handicappers over the seasons I have been aware of the attacking attitude many of them have. Never applied it to my game except in occasional practice to see what level of this I could maintain. Up until recently this was a recipe for disaster, inconsistent strokes with all clubs put too much pressure on my ability to achieve good results.

This weeks practise was notable for a change from general tuning up to getting specific parts of my game spot on. After stretches and having a few swings to get the body warmed up I have upped the ante on my accuracy expectations. Putting in half hour (approx 40-50 balls) sessions with one club aiming at a target for the ball to land on was the main routine. Surprised myself with the results particularly the 6 to 9 irons. From 140 metres in to the green my game is much better than I was aware, established for success and can only improve. The Pitching Wedge around the green is benefiting from the blade style of the J 33’s, this has also been a bonus from the 7 to 9 irons.

The Driver got a solid 50 ball workout yesterday afternoon and 33 of the 50 balls were inside a 15 metre radius around the target 200 metres from the tee off point. Most exciting for me was that 70 % of the Driver shots had a gentle draw on them. Unfortunately this is still not good enough to play many local courses and that 30 metre spray off the tee still pushes too many drives into danger with poor lies for the second shot.

I do not go by how many balls I hit in a practise session, slow and steady as I would in a game the set up for the shots as coaches tell you is important. Taking my time is even more enjoyable as I can see which stance, ball positions make the ball draw, fade go straight. Still a little surprised that these words are applied to my experience of golfing, this is what had me out in the wind, rain and traipsing on the muddy practise fairway all week. Wearing the wet weather gear and not missing a beat in working on getting a little better.

This season unlike 2010 I am putting in as much practise time possible for two month stints then backing off for a month to enjoy the game before upping the ante again. My goal of reaching a 10 handicap requires that alone. This season the A grade club championship is where I will be playing and being able to crack the 80 mark will not be good enough. Being able to have a round of 75 gross is a must to be competitive in the finals. That is a big ask but I am hungry enough and confident that by following the current schedule it is a possibility. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”


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