Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pennants Golf a slow death...

Good grief it is hard to admit that I have let work and responsibility get in the way of playing golf of late…it is times like this when reality makes me realise how much I miss the irresponsible 24hr a day party person days. Then again certain body parts, beginning with liver, kidneys, the mushy grey thing between my ears and eyes that earnt frequent flyer points for using eye drops would disagree with my fanciful recall of the “good Old days”
The health kick has dropped off 5 kg and that is a good thing in the past month, playing less golf has given the body which was labouring under niggling injuries and needed a break time to recover. The positives of playing less certainly outweigh the mental regret. The discomfort on the course was not improved with playing three pennant rounds and not the club competition rounds in the last month.
Having pushed at club and committee level since December last year that having a pennants team was a waste of time, further proven by the total lack of interest by club golfers who said no to playing, this was not enjoyable. That I work on Saturday and Sundays starting a 5 am the need to head off at 8 am for a minimum 50 km to 150km trip to play Pennants as an obligation not as golfing fun did not help. In fact I was lumped as acting Captain did have a bonus, I refused to cajole or beg to get players, I got 3 new golfers who have only just started to play this year and are on 27 plus handicaps into the team. They all lost every game, but they wanted to play and f@ck the club members who were concerned about the players knowledge and standard of golf. Two other golfers who played were former Pennants players and both played for the same reason as I. The club needed to have a team turn up. Both have since told me that next year they will not play as they would rather play in the club round.
During the competition one of the other teams did forfeit a round, and talking with other team players many were playing for the same reasons as me, due to a sense of club spirit and helping out. 15 years ago Pennants teams required 11 players per team, now it is 5, that shows how difficult maintaining the competition is at the minute. I have spoken to the club captain and let him know that I will be not endorsing entry into the Pennants for 2012.
Politicking is something that I really try to not do but I have noticed that my strong communication skill is the perfect way to do it in my time as secretary. I have no hesitation in asking questions and finding out what other committee members are thinking. This is a good thing and makes meetings where major decisions are being made much better. ie $600,000 being spent to buy the land to establish a full 18 hole course last month. Interacting here has been a great assistance in my year as secretary especially reading what is affecting other clubs and golfers activity and concerns.
It is much easier to have a large picture of golf to be able to interact with. I have used information from Iseekgolf at committee level every meeting this year! Golf clubs by nature are insular operations but today have to operate on a broader spectrum to remain active and continue into the future.
Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all” Geoff

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