Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to the nightmare...

AAAAAAARRRRGHH!!!! The frustration of Sunday’s round had me going internally berserk for the duration of the 350 km trip to Adelaide afterwards. Never has a round of golf promised so much, led to the brink of delirious ecstasy and then abandoned me to go and begin a stamp collection.

It was always an iffy proposition with the weather forecast yet the field teed off on time playing 5-8 holes before the full fury of nature hit the course. At the run for cover I was 1 over the card after 5 holes. My game was on song and stopping was the last thing on my mind. One of my playing group was keen enough to at least play nine so we headed out to the 6th tee after 30 minutes. Ending with a 42 after a lost ball (plugged and did not see it hit the fairway in the conditions) penalty and one miss hit, on the green the flat stick was on song too with 12 putts.

Eventually 6 hardy souls were willing to continue the comp. and off we went as a large group, eventually finishing in winter darkness on the 18th. The moment was lost for me after all the delays, a back nine 52 (20 putts) had me lose the count back for second place. Still won the putting though, one ball won to replace the tally of three lost on the day!

The four hour drive afterwards was torture, my mind was reeling from the fluctuating fortunes of the days golf. Still laughed and enjoyed the day no matter what went wrong and not once did any display of bad humour or etiquette lapses occur on my part. As I was so focused for the round and the first nine was delivering the results of the current practise routine in prep for the coming open golf tournaments.

I have no excuses for the result, the frustration though is so hard to expunge. Taking responsibility is a must for me to be able to be satisfied with golf and I am. Fact is I play social, enjoyable golf at the club and that is why I am a member. The desire to challenge myself in competition is a private goal. Playing in any conditions and importantly learning from the experience with friends is an unseen benefit that days like yesterday deliver.

Even so Bugga, Bugga, Bugga!!!!

Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em Straight all”


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