Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got the game mojo back...

27/7/11 The golfing form is back in the bag again this week, it needed an increase in practise time since the coaching last Thursday, well worth the effort for the results. Having the coaching session was a good way to end the break from the heavy practise routines and start again. With new exercises to establish and maintain the corrections made to the swing, it is a refreshing motivation to up the ante with practise again. Made the first step yesterday, going out and playing 9 holes instead of range work. Total of 43 off the stick and a relaxing walk on the course.

Playing holes instead of hitting balls to the target on the practise fairway was fun and did get the game brain working also. It was also a partial lack of hole play that made Sunday so difficult. Since taking the coaching advice on board and making the swing changes that comfortable ‘feel’ in stance and with the sticks in my hands had gone. Having a social hit with no scoring pressure was the way to get comfortable again. Given my standard as a golfer I feel that a 5 day turnaround is a good result. Two things have been very noticeable, 1) definite decrease in distance with irons 2) hitting the ball thin. Neither of these are negatives, give me the delight of the ball going straight and the removal of the slice any time. The first 6 drives were all straight to the target on the fairway yesterday, Greens in regulation on 3 holes the rest no more than 3 metres off the green. Taking a club more than before is no loss for that return and it will revert in time to the previous status quo.

Hitting the ball thin may be a partial result from hitting off the mat in recent practice. I have been using a door mat, putting the ball on it while at the practise fairway. Simply to save making divots on the practise tee block. The ball is raised at least 2-3 cm above ground level where my feet are and this may be affecting the ball striking. Hence yesterday I made sure to hit a good number of irons off the ground after the practise 9 holes. Need to put some extra effort into putting this week also, no major problems the opposite in fact. The touch around the greens has been good of late, even last week at Lucindale which was a real battle on the fast greens. Again a result from a coaching session a month ago, together with the chipping.

My game has always benefited from considered coaching lessons. I have always gone with specific attributes of my game in mind to be analysed. Presented the problem to the Pro and taken in the advice and practised what was given. Since 2009, I have had 5 or 6 sessions including group clinics and compared to others who were on the same handicaps as me at the time I am at least 10 strokes improved (out to 14 after last weeks round). There are no quick fixes in golf and never just one thing that will get your game right. Yet golfers continue to trumpet that they have found the way to success this way.

Time to get out and hit some balls later today, in the meantime thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”  Geoff

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