Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Body maintenance and patch up time...

About to head off for a Bowen treatment before travellin to Adelaide this afternoon. The past month of steady increase back to tournament preparation practise and coaching excersises have been a bit more than my body can comfortably do without some maintenance. Have been getting regular massage over the past three months which works but is nowhere near as efficient as Bowen Therapy is in giving long term benefits.

Today the stiffness is enough to enven make having a chipping session too much to bear. Without ,recomending any products to others who have injury problems there is one in particular rub on gel that works well for me at these times. It has no effect except taking away the pain and that is a major relief and comfort to even just sit here and write.

As has been written before this is not from injury caused by golf instead it is discomfort from existing injuries that are agravated by exersise. As a low impact sport golf has been a beneficial exercise for my body. Sure there is pain at times and moderate stiffness and assorted ailments from the exercise. With a memory well attuned to pain after a couple of decades this is nothing compared to when I was doing no exercise.

Over the past three years there have been times when the boundary of my endurance has been pushed in attaining better golf ability. Which then requires a period of recovery before returning to moderate exercise. It is a very fine line between too much and just right. The past three months though my Bowen Therapist was unavailable, so this current situiation was always going to happen eventually even with the regular massage.

Yet three years ago it would have been agony over the period instead of discomfort. Once again golf is a good thing. Except on my bank ballance due to some equipment shopping over the past two months. New shoes, new driver, new hybrid, new driving practise net. Stil;l have food inthe fridge and a rioof over my head so all is tickety boo. Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"

Have put my final entries into the Gillette Summer Sports Reporter Comp. Was good to have an additional outlet and motivation to do some extra film clips as well. You can view my 7 entries at the following link;

Gillette Australia Summer Sports Reporter

Just click Gallery and in the search box below Browse Videos enter talart100 and all of my videos will display in a group., Geoff

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