Wednesday, August 10, 2011

JAK Tournament weekend

10/8/11 Back after the road trip to the Barrossa Valley and a refreshing break at Angaston for a couple of days last week before heading to Eudunda and playing in the Legacy Ambrose on the Saturday and returning on Sunday to play in the JAK 18 hole stroke event. With a performance thrown in for the club on Saturday night on my part for entertainment after the presentations.

A 9 hole course with 18 tee blocks, the lay of the land at the Eudunda course is a good variation of up and down hill fairways and greens. Well ‘blacks’ in truth as the course has scrapes for the putting surface on each hole. This was the downfall for my Sunday round, although on the Saturday I dropped a few birdie putts in the Ambrose Competition. Playing up and down hills and across gullies was very enjoyable. The weather on the Sunday was not too much wind, rain and hail for my liking on the course, matched with the 2 hour drive to get there and play my energy level was not at its best.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation was my reaction to the crowded field on the Sunday. On the previous day it was not a concern waiting on the tee for groups in front to play on. In the 18 hole stroke competition my demeanour was impatient and ramped up into the usual tournament attitude. The continuous waiting on the tee and on the fairway for 5-10 minutes at a time had me completely frazzled. Then it started to hail after 7 or so holes, which fortunately we avoided by making a run for the clubhouse and an early lunch when the black clouds began to build.

During lunch I decided that the day was not going to be fun if I attempted to maintain the ‘tourney playing’ attitude. So once back out on the course it became one of hit and have fun trying out shots that would usually not be attempted in a comp. This worked and I finished the day happy and laughing and with some bonuses in my stroke play. This week though the first thing will be to get on the putting green and get some form. The scrapes were a total waste of time for me to experience, to be honest I had more fun putting on them unscraped and with all the bumps and ridges left in place. Slow and with the ball pulling up rapidly it worked best for me just belting the ball at the hole and then tapping in.

The weekend did have a high though, after the winning result in the Ambrose Competition, from a countback in a 3 way tie at 5 under. Particularly satisfying as it got the name of my mate whose father is whom the JAK weekend and trophy is named after on the winners shield. For all the competitiveness in golf the heart of the game is in the socialising and people I play with and meet.

This week is going to be broken up with another trip to Adelaide Thursday then back Friday for a meeting, got out yesterday for a hit with 60 balls. Went well in fact some good distance and accuracy especially pleased with that and the putting can get a run this arvo. This weekend is the Monthly Medal and 1st round of the Gallerie Trophy should be fun as long as it does not rain. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all”

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