Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One more coaching change...

31/8/11 Sluggish start to the week, body went into shut down from Sunday to Tuesday morning after playing two rounds and 770 km travelling in four days. Irritating to have to put up with the after effects yet recovered in full today after a Bowen treatment, that was booked last week in expectation of overdoing the effort. Once again another 31 points from 18 holes and a round that stuttered with 5 holes to go. Having mused over it since and got over finishing fourth, accepting I was close enough to the winner on 37 points considering that again there was nothing left in the tank. The frustration came from playing in the same group as the winner and getting 1 point in front after 12 holes and wiped the 13th. Then to have the joy of two putts on 14th and 16th holes stop rolling and be hanging over the hole, I laughed during the game and that is the best way to accept the fickle nature of golf.

I do like to win and with club championship qualifying coming up this past weekend was a good experience in hindsight. Not to forget that the current club champion was a DNF on the day his score was that bad. Mine was acceptable considering that apart from two wiped holes my game was okay. Putting aside from the two short ones was affected by that same malaise at Glenelg, changing strokes during shots. fact is that I am playing my best golf ever at the minute, so how the hell can that not be enjoyed. Pretty minor problem in the scale of the game, the real problem was the inability to chip consistently within 2m or less of the pin. This is added to the practise with the grip change this week. Having used the interlocking grip since grade 6 the change is being made to the overlapping grip at the minute. Another part of the coaching changes from 6 weeks ago improving my game.

The Overlapping grip has given a better control over accuracy, a part of correcting the fault of holding the club in the palm and not my fingers previously. Changing the grip was not really necessary except that the interlocking grip related to the club in the palm not fingers so the change is cosmetic in a way. All that matters is it works, taking no time at all to adjust and improving my iron play from the beginning. The Driver was an instant fit into what has became a game strength lately of accuracy off the tee. Still on track for a good crack at qualifying during September, after that my challenge may not last long but there is plenty of golf left in the season yet.

Thankyou for your time and attention “Hit ‘em straight all”, Geoff

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