Monday, September 19, 2011

Back in the race....

18/9/11 The Junior Golf Clinic on Friday was an unexpected success. The amount of interest in playing golf at the school was totally unknown to the club. The coaching was done by a member from another regional club who had found that his own club which was struggling for golfers, at the same time there were junior members who played at the club but not in the competitions. Since getting the junior coaching clinics at the local schools running now 40 plus Juniors are developing a golf interest and playing at the club.

Back in the hunt for the club championship after the 2nd Qualifying round, not a spectacular effort returning an 87 gross, 74 nett with 28 putts. Good enough for third place in the weekly competition, winning the putting and a nearest the pin also today. Recovered from the wrist injury which was damaging last week, combined with returning to the 400cc driver the game teetered on a handicap breaking result.

With a 42 on the front nine the next four holes was a par and three 7’s from two lost balls and a couple of bad putting efforts. Even with that I chose to attack hard and 3x Pars and 2 Bogies on the last 5 holes were testament to not giving in and having faith in my ability. Finishing with a 45 on the back nine which was a result of dropping some very good putts. It would have been very easy to pass last week off as an ‘injury’ affected round. Instead I did rehab on the injury and worked on my putting which was 34 (I think) the week before. In fact I had began to make a technical error in my set up that was totally giving a false reading for the direction the ball would go. Still one more concern on putting, for some reason misreading the green speed is becoming a fault that leaves 2-3 puts well short of the hole each round.

Returning to the 400c driver was marked with accuracy and no strain on the injured wrist. With a lighter shaft and more flex compared to the 420cc driver the fine weather circumvented the loss of 20-40m off the tee. This has been a part of my game that has been accepted as a fact of my limitations due to technical errors with the driver. Now that I have improved the swing plane the driver is now a game strength and reliable in my hands. Unfortunately my irons from 7 to PW are accurate yet my drives are generally in the 3-6iron distance from par 4 greens, whilst using the 400cc driver. Need the GIR to start and improving the long irons is happening slowly, it is much easier to have the driver getting the ball within 7-PW range to get the GIR’s.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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