Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Always look on the bright side of Golf, don't dwell on the negatives...

26/9/11 Sunday’s competition was a touch and go decision to enter. Carrying the “Golfer’s Elbow” the last week has been painful and disruptive in more than just hitting golf balls. It is tender all of the time and the disabling effects are in use that is mundane. Picking things up and reaching feel the strain with sharp stabbing pain then a hot buzz of discomfort while it abates. Swinging golf sticks is not fun after a very short time. Purchased an arm brace to assist with relieving the discomfort which definitely helped. Went out and played a poor scoring round 23 points in Stableford Comp. Was ready to pull the pin after the front nine but as feeling good about the fairway accuracy, finished with 11 fairway hits and won a ball on the day.
Had no short game whatsoever, could not chip or putt well and the injury was the fault. This was frustrating, being able to hit the long ball shots well without any discomfort. Short chipping and approach shots were the poorest quality in a long time. The chipping and putting was at the most damaging with the in close shots, could not swing smooth and easy or keep the strokes consistent, blading the ball or hitting little bunny hops. The longer shots from 25-100m were a problem with the distance being hit a shot in the dark, going long and short all day. No consistent error to try and correct just the numbness of the arm in the brace. Playing with out the brace would have been more damaging long term to the existing injury so I was happy to play out the round as it went.
Reflecting on the day and the score returned from playing to a 26 handicap was not a bad thing. It was only a couple of years ago that I was on that handicap. Playing like that again showed me how little difference there was in playing to a 25 to 20 handicap in the day. Although on Sunday it was the result of an injury, all that needed to happen was a 2-3 chips that bunny hopped forward to have been hit well and made the green saving a second chip shot. Then 4-5 putts not falling short or rocketing past the hole and the score would have been much improved. The 37 putt total on the day showed how much I struggled on the day considering the average putting total is 25 for me from 1/8/2011 to the end of September. Golf is a fickle game good and bad results happen, not letting the crap days disrupt your enjoyment of playing and also your playing partners is never acceptable.

On the second bad round day in recent weeks I copped a bit of sledging, and still had the good humour to fire back. It could have easily been a DNF card for the day. After nine holes the soreness was not going to abate, the round was not going to improve, I kept going because I thought that I was a chance for the Most Fairways hit on the day. A very small goal and a enough to lift me to do the best possible off the tee. It was a good choice and a valuable victory. Hitting fairways off the tee was the reason for changing drivers through the season now with a 400cc Big Stick that is delivering the results and getting that extra 20-30m more that the 380cc Driver. Unfortunately my next upgrade the 420cc Driver is going to have to sit out the coming weeks of competition golf while the injury recuperates. Which is a hurdle in my planning having already practised several times at the range with this stick and getting another 20-30m off the tee in distance easily. That was a calculation I had been estimating would be the result and with the accuracy give me a step up against the single figure players in the match play of club championships. It may not be all lost though as the warmer weather is already delivering longer ball flight and run putting me within 7-9 iron range of greens on par fours. These are irons that my accuracy is better than 50% unlike the 3-6 irons down to the 35% accuracy statistic for GIR.
Going to rest up this coming week working on being 100% for the Matchplay semifinal on the 9th of October. Thankyou for your time and attention all, “Hit ‘em straight”


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