Saturday, September 24, 2011

Four weeks of best effort to come...

23/9/11 Friday, having made it to the business end of the season, like a well used rubber band the elasticity is starting to show a bit of wear. There have been no major injury problems this season. Thanks to being fitter in the most part thanks to playing so much golf since 2009. Sure enough though after all of the effort put in I have stumbled a little in the final weeks injury wise. Carrying the right wrist strain has been possible and not too bad, it is now joined with the left arm and a case of golfers elbow. It is all being worked on and looking after myself as best as possible in the coming weeks is a must, ‘less is more than enough’, when practising from now on in.
Again the good fortune from the final qualifying round is helping. My next round is on the 8th of October in the Semi-Final playing off for a position in the 36 hole Championship matchplay. This gives me time to heal the niggling injuries and be back in good condition. Although my recent writing has not been what could be called positive or confident it is by no means defeatist. Now that I am definately in the running and do not come up against any single figure golfers unless I make the last game, the idea of playing in the club championship is not just a fanciful dream. If this happens I will be playing off against either a 5 or 6 handicapper from my 12-13 handicap position. Not being a person who believes life is a potential Disney Movie of happy dances and free jelly beans at the end of the race against bigger and better opponents, does not make me a pessimist.
Every single care and treatment possible to be put to work in my favour will be given a go. My mental game is getting a total upgrade to top gear and out of the happy hacker mode of enjoying the game and playing into contention for the championship as was done through the season. Since the Southern Ports Tournament in March to now my entire golf year has been playing to make this a possibility, that is a success which I am pleased to have achieved. The feeling is very good to be experiencing at the minute of having thrown everything in my ability into the effort and have followed through, in spite of various hurdles. Without any formulation or crafting of the subject, against every possible opponent I have a motivation to beat each of them in the match play.
Now it is all or nothing to win through and have a crack at the club championship.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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