Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feels good when a plan delivers...

29/10/11 Saturday. Kept with the decision to play 9 holes a day this week, was not easy to do given the soreness of my elbows. Having endured much worse pain, for longer periods in the past, does not detract from the discomfort at the minute and it is certainly not enjoyable one iota. Being totally obtuse with the injury treatment now, attacking the problem with the appropriate healing processes whilst putting in a focussed effort to get my game at its best for the club open on the 6th of November. There is no other way to build confidence in my playing ability. If the effort is too much and the body cannot standup to the effort, not a problem s long as I have put in 100%. Playing in A grade at the high end of the handicap ranking, my form must be at its best to have any chance of a decent score in the Open.

The Wilson blades have been assisting in getting me out on the course, it is so exciting to hit a blade and feel and sweetness of a shot. Being a 1973-73 model iron the new grips and 3cm extension have been a revelation of how my game is progressing. Yesterday played in the Friday afternoon “Chicken Run” competition, off a 9 handicap in this club event and not my official 12. Finishing with 17 points it was a very satisfactory effort. Off the tee with the 400cc driver was very good distance wise in showers and wind I cracked the 250m distance a couple of times. Well above my average 200m-220m this was all from the last coaching session. The excercise with the shortened club that has established an upright swing and hitting on with an inside/out plane has began top establish a draw off he tee as well. As with most golfers my game has been affected with a slice from the beginning. Adjusting to play with a draw in setting up and addressing the ball still feels very odd after so long. Fortunately this has been a gradual development from continued practise and to stand and set up aiming to the right and the ball drawing to the left after striking it was the reward for following the coaches advice and practise.

In 9 holes I hit one green in regulation. The other eight were misses from 1m to 5m of the green, that with the improved chipping with the PW kept me in the game all through the round. Just could not get the club selection right after tee shots, for some reason chose the nine iron (short 4 times) and the 7 (long once) instead of the 8 which would have been right distance wise. Put that down to a combination of still getting used to the clubs and the injury, may be also affected by the increased loft on the older irons. Hit the ball very well the shots were straight or slight draws just not long enough with the 9 and too long with the 7. Used the lighter Tour Sonic putter instead of my usual Wilson 100 to good effect, did not miss any ‘gimme’ putts. There are two golf events that I am working towards to complete 2011. The Robe Open on the 6th of November and the Race to Cypress Lakes round at The Vines on the 2nd of December.

Have got onto a satisfying path towards improvement and will maintain that through to the end of December, will keep on hitting 20-30 balls a day on the practise range as well as the 9 hole walks around the course. There is a factor of trying to smash through the last stages of this golfers elbow ailment. It is frustrating, like hayfever it is disabling, uncomfortable and sore. Just want it gone now and be able to go about day to day business without the irritation. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all.” Geoff Geoff

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