Friday, December 09, 2011

Chipping practise is always good value..

I practise this part of my game as often as possible. I realise over the past 12 months how much my chipping ability has changed for the better from doing this. Being able to play with confidence in your ability is a good thing at any time. With a consistent chipping game I set myself up for birdies and pars as well as prevent blow outs happen in the course of a round. A good short game stops many double bogies from getting on the card. When you are in trouble on a hole and then chip in for a par or set up a bogie with the ball stopping close to the hole your golf benefits from the tee to the green with self belief.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff


Denny said...

Great tip. Even when the game is not at its best, if you can scramble with your short game you can keep the numbers lower on your score card. Pars are good and bogeys are acceptable, but avoid anything higher and then the occasional birdie is like gold.

geoff said...

So true Denny, as you know saving strokes when having to scramble is invaluable. It is just as good when the short game saves strokes and scores birdies instead of pars.

Sandbelt Golf said...

Nice Blog! I really appreciate your job.
Keep sharing:)

geoff said...

Thanks Sandbelt, much appreciated.