Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Maintaining injury recovery with practice...

16/5/12 Wednesday. Following on from Sunday morning the last two days have still not been in best physical condition at the minute, improvement on yesterday though and that is important. While not able to pick up and swing a golf stick Monday. Tuesday morning went out and got myself around fourteen holes playing well within my limits. This practise is in case I cannot get a Bowen Treatment during the week to repair the injury flareup. Have to play the next Handicap Championship matchplay round on Sunday morning and some physical therapy is a must.

The round on Tuesday was the epitomy of why coaching is so effective with my game. The efficiency of the stance and swing changes accommodated the physical injury restrictions so well that selecting two clubs up inside 140m delivered GIR. Outside of that distance taking it easy in the swing and still clubbing up would get well within premium chipping distances. Was joined on the walk for a few holes by another club golfer who commented on how easy I was doing it, that was further confirmation of my golf improvement in 2012. The putter was not very effective on the day although that was not a particular focus in the round, being able to play par/bogie golf with the restrictions was.

It is not often these days that I get knocked flat by the old injuries, been building towards this over the last fortnight of practise and it has peaked now. The tens machine makes a lot of difference but the nights are restless from being unable to get comfortable, waking up each ninety to one hundred and twenty minutes. The flareups are a fact of life for me and will not be reduced over the coming months. At the minute it is not crippling and while the limit of my capability is being tested again, there is a definite purpose in the effort. For some time now I have been feeling a little more power is available in my swing and recent experiments in practise have not refuted that. In the coaching last week I was instructed to release the subconscious restrictions on my swing towards the end of the session. This was done and the distance and accuracy off the tee was delivered without any effort.

What is required now it to develop the practise routine to incorporate the same build up to being able to hit the ball like that more often. It was a combination of all the coaching and repetition of strokes on the range that day which allowed me to produce the shots I have been working towards. It is not going to be easy and I will have to gradually build up to the level desired. Will not be doing anything along these lines for a few weeks at the minute until I have the physical condition to be able to push the limits again. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”


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