Sunday, May 27, 2012

A week of recovery...

26/5/12 Saturday. The good news is my conqueror in the matchplay won through to the final pairing. Better than that is my body is back in decent condition again and I went out and let rip with the drivers today. Both the 380 and 400cc clubs alongside each other and once again the longest went to the smallest. The Toskii 400cc stays in the bag though as it was the most accurate by a long way.
The point of the excersise today was to release more of the full swing that is gradually establishing itself. This is no effort or strain on my body and is a result of the recent coaching in particular. The improvement became apparent in my irons first and after a good practice session and a couple of casual rounds put aside an hour to give the driver a trial. By no means is this the end of the quest to improve off the tee. There is a lot more to be done yet in coming months.

24/5/12 Thursday. Back on my feet again, after the matchplay round on Sunday. No excuses played as well as possible and lost on the 19th hole. Coming from 3 down with four to play it was a reasonable effort to get square by the 18th and make my opponent earn his victory. Had my chances and just could not capitalise on them missed a couple of one metre putts that really hurt and could not string two winning holes in succession together all day. There was two bladed chips as well that cost me dearly in the end. Given where I had come from physically during the week the effort was all I could muster.
Wednesday I saw the winner and his opponent playing their matchplay event, dont know the result at the minute. Fact is that the best player on the day won and if it had been me I would have really struggled to play 18 holes today. Managed 9 holes and had to do that in 2 sections with 2 hours between walks. It was a dog of a day too with gale warnings out for the region and the seas are smashing over the breakwater with a night time storm brewing. Honestly looking forward to relaxing a bit golf wise in coming weeks and start preparing for June competitions. With 3rd round of the Caledonian Inn trophy and in with a chance to defend my win last season on the 17th of June a Nett 71 or better will keep me in the hunt.the 23rd and 24th of June is the Keith Tournament and I will get there for at least one of the days golfing. In the meantime a bit of rest will be the best golfing option for me.

21/5/12 Monday Busy day no golf sticks picked up at all for a swing and rarely out in the fresh air since rising. The result in the matchplay was not what I wanted. Losing on the 19th hole after the regulation 18 had been played. Not a bad effort considering the obstacles over come during the previous week fitness wise. No excuses I had several chances to win the match missing two putts and a couple of bladed chips did not help. Was 3 down with four holes to play so getting all square on the 18th with a cracking birdie putt was a good effort.
The better golfer on the day was the deserved winner. There is a definite relief now that I am out of the running looking forward to having a little less golf during the week and refreshing my enjoyment of the game. Have to come to terms with the improved distance off the fairways in particular. That was a little disconcerting on Sunday with my club selection with the longer irons made particularly difficult. Having and extra 10-15m is great but not what was needed when trying to adjust to having a much improved swing from a week of injury restriction.
No matter the improvement is going to deliver in coming moths of that I am sure. It will be enjoyable developing this further to my advantage and freed up a goodly part of my mental game to the driver development.
Next committee meeting I will be presenting an addition to the club membership categories. A remote Member who lives a significant distance away from the club who want to be able to have an official handicap through golf link. With the category will come discounted green fees and free rounds during selected periods at the club. This will be much appreciated by the many golfers who are tourists to the town and without another club membership cannot take out a Country Membership. Thankyou for your time and attention, “hit ‘em straight all”


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