Saturday, August 25, 2012

Injury and bad weather slows progress...

25/8/12 Saturday. Into the eighth week of taking the diet supplement and have decided to continue for another month (4 week) program. The reason is very modest and simple. To get below 100kg to 99kg and have lost a total of 10 kilograms by taking the supplements.
This past week was a minor weight gain of .20 kg and a total 102.3kg on the scales this morning.

Since Tuesday of the past week I have not got outside for a daily walk of 3 kilometres because of bad weather and visitors. As well this involved two particularly large meals Roast Chicken and vegetables and sharing two bottles of wine Wednesday and two pints of Guinness with a meal of Fettuccine in a creme sauce on Thursday.

To compound the lack of exercise I have been crippled with a very bad flare up of my back injury since Friday morning. Started to play nine holes of golf Friday afternoon and had to stop after playing two. This morning am only slightly better having been up since 5am delivering newspapers under duress. I am quite certain that playing golf and getting exercise this weekend is not going to happen.

Having got below 102 kg after golfing last weekend reaching the first goal of 100kg is also behind schedule now with the disabling of my exercise activities. It is only the competitive motivation and the enjoyment of having already lost a considerable amount of weight seven kilograms, already that has me chasing the targets set.

I feel much more healthy and satisfied with the successful experience with the diet supplements so far. Whilst I have not followed a strict dieting menu there has been no eating of rubbish snacks. Fresh Apples, vegetables cheese, meats, coffee and moderate alcohol, bread consumption were the mainstay of the diet. No chips, chocolates, soft drinks, sugar, gravy in addition to the consumption of nutritional meals.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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