Saturday, August 11, 2012

Week 8, A little weight gain...

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11/8/12 Saturday. The weigh in this morning registered the first weight gain since mid way through the first week of starting this experiment with the diet supplements. The total today is 103.2kg a gain of .7kg since last Saturday when the total was 102.5kg.
There is no concern on my part with this gain in weight. I was travelling for two days which is never good for dieting and more importantly on the past weekend I definitely let the eating run free
on Sunday. With 3 x Bacon and egg muffins and a steak sandwich plus beer during the Robe New Course breakfast and Kingston Open.
Dining out during the week and drinking wine added with not being able to get out and about to exercise to my usual level compounded the excess on Sunday. Interestingly it was also a bad week for my injury flare ups. It has been a while and that particularly limited my ability to be able to get out and just do a 2-3km walk a couple of times.
Still on target to get below 100 kg at the end of the diet supplement experiment.
I am not concerned that this is a portent that the diet supplements do not maintain the weight improvement. The onus is always on the person not the supplements. That said there is not a problem in my opinion wit the reasons for the gain as described being out of the ordinary. This weekend there will be no special dining events and the injury flare up has been treated and I am back where I can exercise freely again.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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