Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First round elimination...

4/9/12 Tuesday. Back home this afternoon after travelling to Adelaide straight after the matchplay round on Sunday. Eliminated from the championship challenge on the 18th hole of the day. Was 4 down after nine holes and had three errors on three holes that cost me the game. Two poor chip shots and a poor putt on the first hole of the day was all it took to be defeated. Once again though it was the overall golf from game to physical condition that did not measure up at the end of the season. Although in better condition than last year going further was beyond my ability. As optimistic as I am about every game played reality is what comes through with the results. Not disheartened at all and already planning the next crack at the title in 2013 if it is possible to play in them again. If anything the shortfall this season had been getting down to a ten handicap which is the goal for 2012. Obviously the last months results have not been anywhere near this level. That is the truth of the matter past rounds have been battle to play at my best even if the weather has been a rough winter there was just not enough capability in my body to keep going. It had been apparent for some time that it was a struggle to play my best. It was possible in bursts and the round on Saturday at Kingston epitomised the standard of my golf game. With four wipes and scoring 33 points in a Stableford round the erratic shot play and not maintaining reliable golf qualities were obvious. Looking forward to not picking up a club much in coming weeks and letting the recovery start from there. With improved weather conditions on the way as spring leads into summer golfing will be more enjoyable outdoors as well. Playing in a couple more club Opens before the season ends in 2012 will be my game goals. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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