Friday, October 26, 2012

Ball goes forward a good thing...

26/10/12 Friday The past weekend of golfing delivered a return to form in my game. The Monthly Medal started off with a 9 on the par 5 first hole and ended with a 46 for the front nine and a 39 on the back a Gross 85, Nett 72 and played to my handicap on the day. The total of 29 putts was satisfactory and putting the 56 degree wedge in reserve with preference for using the pitching wedge in close was a good decision. Never been a 'pitch and run' golfer of any note and have been practising this aspect of the game a lot. It was not for lack of wanting to add this facet to my game. Lack of time to practice everything I want to develop has been a reason in the past. Fact is that these days I have less need to practice the basics as much and can work on game skills more often. I have never been in a rush to become better at the game and something that golfers realise eventually I believe is that patience is a much needed quality to play the game. On Sunday I took the trip to Penola fr the Championship Ambrose pairs competition. A fantastic day even without the golf for $30 the food alone makes it a good day let alone playing a round of golf included in the registration. Was a day when again the 56 degree wedge caused more damage than needed in the first 5 holes and after putting it away in preference to the Pitching Wedge it helped. Made up the double bogies to finish with a Nett 72. Well off the winning scores. Not disgraced at all and a lot of fun was had and that is as much a part of golfing as winning. Did win a raffle and two premium bottles of wine went into the booty bag for the day. Golf wise the day at Penola also delivered another game improvement result that has came from the latest bout of recuperating. The 2 Iron was very effective on those long second shots on par 5 holes. This club has a much more consistent accuracy standard than a fairway wood does in my hands. With summer drying out the fairways the added run has the conditions which benefit using the iron. Continued playing a moderate amount of golf this past week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the good weather and a late afternoon 7 to 9 hole hit out. Still maintaining the less is more approach and enjoying golfing without practising a lot. Today I will play 9 holes in the club 'Chicken Run' and head to Kingston Saturday for their Par round. First chance to get away and play for a month due to various home club duties which come from being Bar Manager this season. Will be good to return to the general membership in 2013 and step back from committee. I must admit there is a twinge of guilt in stepping back officially yet I am still going to be actively involved in membership recruitment, junior development and competition and a lot of stirring to get the pot bubbling along to the future. Thankyou for your time and attention. 'Hit 'em straight all' Geoff

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