Saturday, October 06, 2012

When the ball flies too far...

5/10/12 Friday. Out and enjoying the sunshine today in the afternoon 9 hole ‘Chicken Run’ Hitting the ball and having fun even as the greens are recovering from the coring on Monday there was a reasonable result given the social and experimental influences on the game play. Also playing off a 9 handicap in this comp. and not my official 13 hcp. with two wipes managed a credible 12 points. A couple of lost balls and a struggle with distance affected the scoring. The ball was travelling much further that expected off the tee and with the short irons. It was the shorter irons flying over the green or through them that had a lot of effect on scoring. Warm weather does enhance the travelled distance of the ball. Off the tee that is not so much a problem, having wedges and other irons getting 20 metres further than expected when going for the green is a problem that needs to be adjusted to quickly. Will be fun out on Sunday in th e18 hole comp. playing back into form in preparation for the home club open on the 11th of November. I lost 7Kg taking these African Mango + Advanced Colon Cleanser capsules 6/10/12 Saturday. A week of no weight loss and through no fault of the supplements. All was travelling along well enough diet wise until after Monday night, which included a night out to a restaurant dinner with wine and sweets included in the eating list. Unexpected social functions on Wednesday and Thursday night though had copious amounts of food and alcohol well in excess of what should be consumed be devoured in the party mode. Whilst this is a minor set back there is not the slightest concern. Being happy and celebrating birthdays and the company of family and friends far outweigh the goal of losing weight. The discipline has not been lessened and the diet supplements will still deliver the result in 3 weeks time. Thankyou for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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