Saturday, December 08, 2012

Finally a consistent swing...

Saturday 8/12/12 So much for second last day of paper run! The changeover has been  delayed again and I have agreed to keep on doing it until the 23rd of December. Not the hardest job in the world but it interferes with my golf too often. Would much rather be playing in the Golf Challenge on the 9th in Adelaide than here delivering papers. The weather may be better but I really like playing golf on other courses and in competition.

Still buzzing over yesterdays range results and looking forward to getting out and emulating them again later today. The real proof is doing it the second, third, time etc. A consistent swing is the key to playing better golf and that has been the major development on the golf journey so far.
There is another aspect which was again in evidence yesterday that was particularly noticed. I am able to work the ball not a lot but consistently enough to be able to see this as another inclusion in my golf game. It is still a surprised golfer who is sitting here and revealing that I can do the things within my limits that is accepted as a given among the better golfers.
Been up for 4 hours and have been out and hit another 50 balls on the range to follow up from yesterdays revelation. Still got the 'new'swing and all the benefits which being able to completely hit through the ball. In fact it was a harder practise session, this time hitting into a strong breeze and still getting good results. In the past two days I have hit 100 ball which is most likely how many I hit all up in November on the range. The 'Less is More' recovery plan is not laziness it is about improvement and that has me very pleased at the minute.

No longer is there any concern about my swing every shot has been simplified. I know that it is a complete smooth operation that I can now do. Not having to focus on as many actions through the swing increases effective shot's and mental comfort. Already the Driver problems of late are being improved on with having to concern myself with one less swing facet.In fact today was particularly interesting with the accuracy, effort and distance using the big stick.
Thankyou for your time and attention. "Hit 'em straight all"

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