Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Second place in Kingston SE Open..

18/12/12 Tuesday A very satisfying result in the Kingston Summer Open on Saturday. The results from practise and playing preparation over the past month delivered a second place finish in Division 1 (14 Hcp or less) Nett result 83 gross and a nett 69. Did not as the saying goes, "leave any shots out on the course". Played as well as I could on the day and this is my third second place finish in my last three competition rounds.

Consistent hits on the fairways and getting greens in regulation all contributed to the ease of the round. The short game chipping and putting is more affected by carrying some residual back stiffness, not from lack of ability to play better shots. I am choosing to make a note of this affecting my game as a reminder for the future. It is time that I have to make a specific effort to not accept playing with this restriction. I will delay taking action until after January as I will be no longer doing the 5.30 am starts on weekends to deliver newspapers from the 24th of December. I want to ascertain that this early morning drive around and throwing papers is not the major cause of this restriction.

As relaxed as I am this has been noted and a mental note of not letting this affect my coming season game attitude. Off the tee and on the fairway my game was strongest. Short game with chipping and putting are still the weaker links. Nothing that practise will not improve and patience a usual is a virtue. It has not only been actions which has assisted in the recent results. The playing for fun and enjoying the rounds has been a major influence in recovery from the 2012 season.
Thank you for your time and attention. “Hit ‘em straight all”

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