Friday, March 15, 2013

My golf is getting better...

Friday 15/3/13 Having been practising and establishing a new swing and getting comfortable with the changes myself for the past two months the results are becoming established. Importantly it is an improvement and because of the training and practise method used after the first week or so the transition was in place. The most difficult part of the experience is getting used to the changed accuracy, distance with the ball in all facets of the game. Learning and adjusting to the changes all comes from repetition in practise and undoing 4 years plus of what has been the standard is not easy. Yesterday I went out and played 9 holes with a very different set of clubs and finished with 41 off the stick. This was done for several reasons. One of which to prove that the equipment is not the most important factor it is how it is used. I could be raving on about how poor the improvements have been because I played badly in the Southern Ports Tournament. That my handicap has not dropped more than 1 stroke since making the changes could also be a complaint. Fact is there are other improvements to be made yet in my golf and I am not expecting or trying to drop 2-3 strokes in a hurry at the minute. The putting practise is coming into its position as first priority. Followed with a change in the driver to a regular flex shaft from the stiff. At the same time a 3 wood is back in my bag after finally getting it right with the new swing and at last there is a reliable option for 190m to 210m shots in my bag. It is an odd experience on my part it is still new to know exactly what has been done wrong when I do not play the correct new stroke and have a poor result. The correction is so simple and easy to do but until playing the shot correctly in the first instance becomes the way I play golf it is still enthralling to be going through this transition period. Thankyou for your time and attention, “Hit ‘em straight all” Geoff

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