Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All I want is a ball that works well...

Wednesday 10/4/13 The time schedule worked out and managed to get on the range and have a simple session hitting a bucket of balls with the six iron. Nothing spectacular for many in my case though very special. Enjoying being able to hit the ball with a fluid, consistent swing. Having my body rotate at the hips and the club follow through easily behind my body just like 'real' golfers do. Twenty plus years since I have had this much movement and that is special to me. There were some crap shots but 90% were all grouped in a 30 metre target area. This is all part of developing the ability to get greens in regulation. As well as the practise goal, there is the fun aspect of finally being able to step up to a ball and hit it with ease to a target. All that jealous from watching the pros hit a ball with such ease is now gone as I do it myself and it feels easy as well. As usual my mind is not stagnating on golfing either, or wallowing in the fun being had. It has began to plan doing that ting which was a dream. You see on T.V. all the time the pro's spinning back their short irons. Once in a blue moon I would do this myself. Never deliberately though, purely by happen stance. Now with this much improved swing in my ability it can be a possibility for me to to do this deliberately. The following four things are what is required as I understand the theory; 1. Have clubs with sharp, fresh grooves. 2. Use golf balls that are designed to improve feel around the greens, versus balls that are designed to go as far as possible. 3. Position the ball further back in your stance so that you hit down sharply on the ball. 4. Hit the ball first and then take a divot. While it's true that finding the right golf ball can help any golfer to play better and get backspin, I'll put up my hand and say... "I'm no golf ball expert" I enjoyed using the Taylormade Burner ball that was taken out of production and replaced with the XD. Which I find to be crap compared to the Burner. The Penta is so so as well. Don't mind using the Srixon or Callaway balls Pro V's wasted on my ability. Have enjoyed using Optima's again as well the TS gives the best performance. What do other golfers use that works well enough for their game? I am not after a one dimensional ball for distance or spin etc. Nor am I after a general multi purpose ball. If a ball is round I can hit it well enough to play a good round. I am getting tired of being jerked around by manufacturers who change for no reason that I can validate as genuine. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Geoff

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