Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New driver and new irons?....

Wednesday 3/4/13 It has been virtually a golf free week since this time 7 days ago, by my standards at least. No particular reason for less playing or practising, a combination of rest, physical and mental from golfing, work commitments and it felt that it was time to do so. Tuesday and today has included some casual social golfing. No dedicated practise more so that fun filled amble around a course hitting balls and 'feeling' the state of my game out. All was in good condition off the tee, on the fairway and on the greens. Short game was lacking in the accuracy and general execution and that is to be expected at my golf standard when not maintaining practise. Putting was surprisingly at a better standard than expected. Good to know that this side of my game has reached a stable level. Not a brilliant level yet one that is reliable and that is a valuable confidence booster. The Cleveland 310 Driver has been sold on. The results from using the Dunlop Fastrax driver are the reason for this. Instead of re-shafting the Cleveland I will build on my improved technique more with the 400cc driver until I find a replacement. This is no hurry to do and it is just a matter of picking up a bargain on the 'bay. Besides as always I get a buzz out of looking at Golf Porn online and having a purpose as well as a perve. With the added bonus that I no longer buy every second set or stick that takes my fancy. I was keeping an eye on myself in that regard. I do see the stupidity of the fox guarding the hen house in that description. There has been a development a very unexpected one in fact. Went to visit a mate who is moving house and relocating to Queensland for a coffee and bullsh@t. Ended up in the shed as blokes do moving stuff around and he mentioned there were two old sets of clubs gathering dust. It is part of the golfer religion that this is akin to feeding the hungry or healing the sick, a true golfer will get the abandoned clubs and at least swing them. Well under the boxes etc was a bag inside a garbage liner. opened up and there was a set of Ben Hogan Magnum irons. Made between 1986-89 in the early cavity back style. Cut the long story short mate said would I like to have them he does not play at all so I obviously offered to have a hit at least. C'mon it is cruelty to inanimate objects to not hit balls with old golf clubs. Yes, took them home and cleaned them before going for a hit. All and excuse to fondle these notably ugly irons to look at. Kinda like that old saying 'Ugly but with a great personality' The looks meant nothing to this golfer who is all for personality and the obvious fact that the sticks are Hogan's. Well here I sit 50 balls at the range later and hooked. The shafts are 2.5-3 cm shorter than my current shafts, grips are old and greasy, shafts a bit pitted, Apex 3 rating? Who cares, I have hit the last 20 balls into a gusting wind and put 5 inside a 10m target circle and 12 all grouped 10m to the left of the target circle. The Magnums are something special to hit. For a 12 handicap golfer who needs some game improvement irons and prefers the older CB style, Magnum is getting in the bag. The Ben Hogan brand helps in the credibility stakes, the performance though was the clincher. Will look forward as always to finding the club distances compared to my current club choices. Golf, the shed explorers dream sport. Hit 'em straight all Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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