Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another golf improvement in the offing...

11/7/13 Thursday Thoroughly enjoying golfing at the minute. It has been a good three months since I had became jaded with the game to an extent. A combination of career, domestic and social interruptions to getting outside and golfing were the cause. On the plus side living in reality and having everything associated with that going well is a good thing. The break in Queensland whilst short was the perfect fillip for what was ailing me, out of the rut and active has been the result of having such a refreshing holiday. Golf is fun for me and competition is an important part of that fun. Just as the 5 holes just played with two ball on each hole until it became too dark to continue is fun and important. To amble around and hit both tee shots within 10 m of each other on every hole and on the fairway is a thrill. The new driver is becoming settled in my hands today's experiment was using shorter tees off the block. This has been considered for a few months after seeing several other very good single digit handicappers using the ordinary wood tee with the driver. Firstly though I had to get my game into a good enough state that would make it possible to do the experiment well and give the result some credence. As you can expect the result of playing 5 holes with 2 balls and all drives on the fairway and within 10 metres of each other and some 2-3 metres apart has definitely given me food for further though. Will play the short tees tomorrow in the 9 hole chicken run tomorrow. Even wit the recent good result my coaching advice received has definitely quashed any over confidence in my ability getting entrenched. Still not cocking my wrists enough on the backswing, my tempo is still jagged both of which are causes of my main faults lack of distance and erratic shot which spray out still. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Geoff

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