Monday, July 01, 2013

June a Month well spent ...

DreamSwing Australia The swing trainer that works... Time flies when you are having fun and that is apparent with the space between posts. Returned from a holiday in the sunshine in Queensland and refreshed from the swimming and relaxing. Golf did not even get a look in and the break must have worked. The previous weeks I have been struggling to complete a consistent 18 hole round that has seen my handicap creep out to 14. This Sunday in the 1st handicap championship qualifier round and monthly medal I had a win with a nett 72. Missed a few easy putts so all was good. The biggest change came with a driver upgrade. Using a Ping V2 Rapture off the tee with a regular flex shaft added that 10-15 metres. Importantly was the feeling in the swing and contact that was crisp and controlled. The Taylor Made R5 has been good as a trial and the M Flex shaft was holding me back from getting the full benefit of my improved shot play. Will keep using the on loan Ping until a new driver arrives in coming weeks. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. 19/6/13 Wednesday Cold but a nice enough day with clear skies so will get 9 holes in this afternoon. The practise routine is back in the groove concentration is on the 5 iron 150m shot accuracy hitting 50 balls a day on the range since last week. Putting is improved as well which helps. The driver issue is sorted with a Ping Rapture V2 on loan until I get the TM R9 or similar off the bay. 27/6/13 Thursday. The practise has paid off with the result from the Keith Open my best in 4 visits. This was the first intra club open I ever played in back in 2010. Remaining the benchmark in some respects for my game and this time I finished 10th over all and 5th in A Grade nett. This week has been a continuation of my practise and the form is looking good for this weekend. The first round of the John Leake Trophy. 29/6/13 Saturday. Managed to get in some practise this morning after setting up the club for this weekend’s Bridge Tournament. A major fundraiser for the club each year it is part of the volunteer aspect of running a golf club. The practise hit was vital still looking for the next driver up grade and have tried out a TM R1 the last 2 weeks and it did not feel right. Good club get decent distance but the striking the ball with it just feels crap. Back out with the Toskii 400 cc driver and while 10-15m shorter off the tee it feels so damn good hitting the ball that makes up for the distance loss. Playing off an 8 handicap in the none hole chicken run I still finished with 16 points with two wipes not bad going for a bloke who is on 13.6 hcp. In good form to put in a challenging effort in the Sunday competition tomorrow and will try and get in 40-50 balls with the 6 iron this afternoon following the bar stint at the club. 1/7/13 Monday. Rained in today nt even able to get out for a practise hit so far. Not a bad thing I am feeling a little stiff this morning and towards the end of the round yesterday did falter a little mentally which was very costly. June has seen a return to form in my golfing with increased practise. The Dream Swing trainer is the foundation to my improved consistency. It has made practise much more effective and efficient with a solid swing that is not affected with working on correcting other faults. Winning the club monthly medal three weeks ago and top qualifier so far for the Club Handicap Championship. In my fourth visit to Keith in the annual open I returned my best finish 10th over all in A grade and 5th in the Nett. with an 89 Gross, 75 Nett. This weekend I have a fourth place finish in the club comp losing a count back for third. A new driver has been purchased and is on the way. It is a return to the future having chosen to get another Cleveland this time the 460cc SL290. Really keen on getting a Taylor Made R11S but this will do for the minute. Played this weekend with my Toskii 400cc 10.5 degree and it is a sweet club accuracy wise but I drop 10-15 metres off the tee with it in winter. It was a fun day out and the wind did pick up as the day wore on and the first taste of what is to come in July to September hastened the need to get a driver that can crank out a few metres more. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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