Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Millicent Open another learning curve...

Tuesday 30/7/13 Slowly recovering from the 27 hole trek on Sunday on the Millicent course. fortunately the cart hired worked for 18 holes before coming to a stop. Even so walking the last nine holes was not that bad and fortunately the rain which was intermittent during the day did not return. My card was a battle from hole one with a 10 to start and this was not a problem as I felt that I could come back from that with 26 holes to go. That was not to be the Driver was wayward and whilst on my home track and at Kingston this would be no great problem the dense tree lined fairways and ferns took a toll Three lost balls did the main damage to my card. The putting was not that hard and this was pleasing, to see that my game has improved so much compared to the first time I played this course in 2010. Finished the first nine holes with 53 hits including a 10,8 and 8 three lost balls in total. The next nine was a 47 and the third nine a 46. A total field of 47 golfers and only four broke 80, there was thirteen scores of 80 to 89 leaving a total of thirty golfers who did not break 90. There were eight golfers in the C Grade which had the highest handicappers in it up to 27. It was not an easy day on the track with some strong winds and rain adding spice to the course. Great fun all day playing with out any fear and in the company of a 1,3 and 6 handicapper on the day. This is a point that had a lot of bearing n the day, it would have been very easy to reign in my stroke play to the more efficient, accurate and limited shots with the limited swing. Instead I chose to stick with the full swing and it was difficult in some cases with the ball going too long and into trouble or wide and in the rough among trees. The good shots though were excellent, four GIR and seven fairways hit and 35 putts on the first 18 holes tell part of the tale. The seven shots among trees off the fairway were lethal to the score. Watching the 1 handicapper using a 3 wood and hybrid off the tee except on par three holes has since delivered a very rewarding game strategy. In his case it was because of how far he can hit the ball and retain accuracy. For me today it entailed playing nine holes with a different #2 Hybrid and not using the driver at all returning 4 pars and 3 bogeys. The usual #2 Hybrid showed some interesting abilities on Sunday that did not ring true. Today it was changed over to a stiff flex hybrid instead of regular flex, with this came better consistency and accuracy. Yes the full swing is a lot faster than before and the regular flex hybrid had became unstable with the club face alignment to impact slicing right. It was also done with an older set of Seve irons that are heavier and not as effective as the usual Titliest ap2's in my bag nor my usual putter. All is good and even though the transition period is frustrating in some aspects, the change is a big step in the direction to a lower handicap. Am going to experiment some more with the #2 Hybrid rounds as well that was particularly effective today 170 -180 m off the tee and then another hit with the same hybrid on par fours and I was on the green or just off the edge. Very easy golf playing like that, all learnt while paying attention to a playing partner on Sunday. Thankyou for your time and attention. hit he ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff

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