Monday, July 08, 2013

Top of the Winners list again...

8/7/13 Monday. Back on the winners list in yesterday's club competition. Claimed the July Monthly Medal with a Nett 72 (Gross 86). Hitting 12 fairways on the day certainly helped as did the improved approach shots from 150 metres in from the past weeks practise with the DreamSwing on the range. Fitness let me down in the last few holes for the third week in a row. Started swimming again this morning in the Icebergers group and will add to that with a Strand Pulling routine on a daily basis as well. Once I get the feeling back in my fingers and toes any ways! The swimming is very good for my well broken and battered body and we had stopped for the year as the water temp. drops to 11 degrees for a few months an it can get very stormy on the coast in winter as well. We had all been missing the swimming benefits for the past month and then some idiot saw that the usual current change had not happened and had the audacity to check the water temperature here last week. Sure enough it was at 14 degrees and not a freezing cold 11 degrees, WTF! So into the water we leapt this morning and swam the laps. Yes I feel better for it and even more so in coming weeks. At least I am a golfer and have a rational reason for being mental enough to swim in the Southern Ocean in winter. Back to the important golf stuff, my form is improving due to practise, practise and more practise will get me a little more benefit as well. It has taken some dedicated effort to get out on the practise range and course the past month and practise. Like all amateur golfers the fact is playing the game we love does come second to other commitments. Even with my self centred lifestyle golf can be shunted into the back of the priority queue at times. This is not done happily on my part and the reason is obvious when the recent results are set up as why. The past three weeks have returned two Monthly medal wins, leading qualifier in both rounds so far of the club handicap championship, a fourth place on count back for third in the other club round played. Top ten finish in A grade at Keith Open (Gross) Top five finish (Nett). Plus in a best two of three scores with one round to go, I have a three shot lead over the nearest challenger and five shots over the next best golfer in the club Caledonian Inn Trophy. All thanks to practise nothing else has been the cause of this success. There is one other aspect of my golfing which is about to be reinvigorated to directly improve my results. Fitness training, the past month I have faltered over the past 3-4 holes with physical restriction from tiredness. Not sleepiness but physically drained from the effort and that affects concentration and causes more mistakes. Adding strokes to my score. Improving my physical condition is worth it to reduce scores by 3-5 shots in my opinion. The one other improvement to be garnered will come from equipment additions. Specifically the driver replacement that I am still waiting for after a week from ebay. Using the Toskii 10 degree 400cc driver did return 12 fairways hit yesterday. The Cleveland SL290 will make a little more distance (10-15m at least) available off the tee with the same accuracy. Adding another hybrid to my bag last week is also a scoring bonus. The #2 is very effective and I am not certain at the minute with sticking with just a #4 hybrid and not adding a #5 or even a #3 as well will be the best option. As well as the continued use of a #3 Fairway Wood may be better suited to being replaced with for example a Cobra Long Tom #2 Wood. Thank you for your time and attention. hit the ball, find the ball, hit the ball. Geoff

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