Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WoW I have a game changing glf swing at last...

Wednesday 24/7/13. This morning with an afternoon 9 hole social round to play I had a different practise session. With the need to work on my tee shot and the slice fade that was getting a toe hold no irons were hit. Just to add to the warm up grabbed a #3 and #5 wood to experiment with, comparing the regular flex #3 to my stiff flex one and the #5 to the #2 hybrid. Worked my way through the various clubs and settled the query that the #2 hybrid is the better. The #3 woods is a toss up and will keep exploring with the variation in shafts although at worst the fairway metals do have 10 meters more distance. Then it was time to hit the driver and see if I could repair the fault.. This was mildly successful and it was circumvented by the discovery/realisation of something that was more important to my game overall. As regular readers are aware I am not a big hitter of the ball and put accuracy before distance in balance with my golfing capability. Today because of the warm up with fairway metals etc I revisited something that I have noted in past diary entries but is put on the bottom of the to do list as it is testing the physical limits of my capability. My back swing is restrained from the effects of a 30 year old back injury and so the habit is what causes moderation in the swing not need. Since January my physical ability has been significantly improved with swimming in tandem with weight loss and exercise over the past 4 years. Every now and then I would have a full back swing with my shoulder under my chin on the back swing when practising, perhaps 2-3 swings and then left alone after feeling the stretching of the injured area. Today though I felt great and decided to put the established physical limit to the test. Make no doubt about it the boiling nervous feeling started in my guts the second I started to get ready to warm up. The focus was intense just to force myself to swing the club and the hands to keep moving back. This is were all the coaching and practise again proved its value. My body was doing what I had been taught and practised and although it felt absolutely out of control the shoulder was under my chin and then I started the downswing to hit the ball. No pain no discomfort and the swing felt easy even if the ball was send scorching to the left, there was more power released than I even come close to usually. Making note that I had taken my eyes off the ball in the downswing the next shot was done just as easy and the eyes stayed on target. You guessed it, the club head hit the ball and it soared like a rocket, I have no idea if it was the balls speed or relief that my body did not explode that made me feel dizzy afterwards. Did not over do the test hitting eight balls in total resulting in much less control over where the ball went. What made this insignificant was that four of the balls went as far as I usually hit my best and the other four were 20 to 30 metres longer than the best I can do consistently. This is no trivial one club improvement, it is a game changer. Every club will be used totally differently with this capability. The fact which makes this a difficulty is the realisation that mid season I am top qualifier for Handicap Championship, Won two monthly medals and several runner up placing's. I am about to begin working on something which will totally change my game, one that already is effective. Fact is the change is imperative to get me to the goal of single figure handicap. The hardest part is that to do this is going to take a lot of concentration to not fall back into the existing comfort zone of my golf game. The choice is accept mediocrity and have some success, or go for the gold and be a dominant winning golfer. The decision has been made and I would rather risk and suffer the failures on the way to success than be mediocre. Thankyou for your time and attention. hit he ball, find the ball, hit the ball Geoff

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