Monday, December 09, 2013

In Winning form again...

It is one of the good things about playing competition golf, winning. Not the be all and end all but not far away from the only reason I play competition golf. The past months have been reliant upon patience on my part to gradually develop balance in my game improvement and fitness. There is a part of me that wants to say this has been easy and while realising the process was easy, doing it was not. I have been playing crap for months, with a game that had no semblance of consistency, direction or form. Yet to me I could see during the experience the individual game improvement points that were cloistered amid the miss-hits and errors. At the same time balancing an increasing fitness regime, that did not get out of hand and end up in another breakdown from pushing the body too hard too soon. The result earnt from the practise and improved fitness in past months came this weekend. Saturday was a hard slog at Kingston SE hot weather and the first time I have actually gone for the morning swim before playing golf as well. Finished with 32 points and that score was affected mostly with 3 x three putts on the back nine that all returned 1 point each. Before the round was finished I had little energy left and poor putting cost me a sub handicap round. Sunday used common sense and did not go for a swim, with the assistance of a gusting wind curtailing any latent desire to get in the ocean. Competition winner on the day with 85 gross and a Nett 69, flagging a towards the end of the round and had 2 x three putts on the back nine. Knew as soon as I finished at Kingston the day before that my game was back in form and said so to my playing partners. Yes, I called the next days victory without a semblance of arrogance, overconfidence or Bullsh#t. It was not easy either and had to work very hard and recover from some tricky situations to get the win by only one stroke at the end of the day. Satisfied at the result, which made the stiffness that set in in the hours after the round a little less uncomfortable. Still have a lot of fitness improvement to come planned and that is not so daunting now I have got the first win for summer on the board. Kingston SE Summer Open on this Saturday and I will be resting up on the body training a little and focus on the putter to get some form in the bank. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball, Find the ball, Hit the ball. Geoff

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