Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A win in more ways than one...

Tuesday 11th Feb. In the past three seasons by this time of he year I have been in dedicated training for the Southern Ports Golf Week which begins on the last Saturday of February (for the past 39 years.) If it was not for the shoulder injury that would have been exactly what would have n\been my golfing experience since December. Instead I have barely picked up a club and this weekend was my second competitive round for 2014. It is a new development that my attitude has been revamped and invigorated with the simple pleasure of being able to get out and just play golf again. The Ace last week has added an even stronger belief that I can do anything on a golf course and we all know how important confidence is for the game. This past weekend I went out and enjoyed the round and won the competition as well. Golf is not a game that requires superb fitness to play well. Thankfully, as athletic prowess is not something I have much of. Over the last three holes I was definitely flagging in strength and condition, much better stamina than last week though. While it is not a game requiring excellent fitness, I believe that 'match conditioning' is needed to play good golf and that is not about athleticism. As I once again am going through a period of physical rehabilitation and recovery, about the 60th time since 1982 it feels as good as can be expected. Definitely believe and feel this recovery is enhanced by the much improved fitness and condition from playing golf and associated exercise since 2009. The anger at having to do physical rehabilitation again is not diminished, let's not go there and risk collateral damage. I do channel the energy of anger into my motivation. It is very powerful and has to be tempered so it does not create one of those painful golfing dickhead personas on the course. I am a very happy person always. It is a lot more fun using anger for golfing motivation today than it was 20 years ago when using it as energy to be able to get out of bed or just walk along a street. Warning using the 'No Pain No Gain' adage at me will deliver a kick to your groin and a beaming smile from me, while saying "Pleased to be able to help you." Always good to get that darkness out of my system and get on to the next step forward. Today is the follow up chiropractic treatment and the improvement since last week have been excellent. so much so that I am know starting to plan the Golf Week strategy with a belief that winning is possible again. My major game concern is the start of a gay fade off the tee block has began to feature. That is caused by the physical shoulder damage and should not be a major problem to overcome in the next two weeks. That long running problem with poor green in regulation statistics has been improved since returning to play in the past two weeks. The limited practise I have done was with the 7-8 irons hitting 20 odd balls without any pressure. which has carried over to my competition play. Chipping is poor at the minute. Simply as I have not been able to endure the required amount of repetitive practise to get consistent of late. Yet with these failings my golfing is good enough to win as I am playing confidently and not trying to "play out of my skin". All I can rationalise it down to is the hiatus in playing has let my game settle down and be refreshed mentally. The improvements from using the Dreamswing in 2013 are now seen as my usual game and not the 'new' game that was always being mentally noted while playing last season. Hit the ball, find the ball , hit the ball. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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