Saturday, February 22, 2014

Golf Practise is what works not procrastination..

Friday afternoon joined in the 9 hole Chicken Run competition for the first time in a few weeks. Needed to have a social round as well as put the recent training and practise to the test in a competition. Had been a gradual loosening up since returning home on Wednesday using the DreamSwing to full effect and getting the swing consistency established. Soon had the irons on song in the first day, the driver was a two day process. The tightness from travelling and a little involuntary self protection was the fault. Had a slice/fade that was caused by swinging with the arms and not rotating the body at the hips during the swing. This is not a new thing for me it is caused by reaction to a long time injury. Sure enough once I had worked through the tune up and got to the Driver fix it took nothing more than making a conscious effort to stop the slice. Short game fault was also caused by the same problem and was fixed as well. End result was an easy 18 stableford point score in the Chicken Run. Today will put in a 30 min session in the morning and afternoon just to keep the golf tuned up. Playing 18 holes on Sunday at Robe before the first round of the Southern Port Golf tournament at Beachport on Monday. Did make one other game change using the Cobra S3 irons again. It was not planned more a whim to compare them with my reshafted Ap2 irons. Once again the Cobras feel much better balanced and with more 'touch'so it is likely they will be in the bag for Southern Ports Golf Week. Hit the ball, find the ball , hit the ball. Thankyou for your time and attention Geoff

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