Friday, April 04, 2014

New Clubs Callaway Optiforce and Powerbilt

Friday 4/4/14 The practise routine was given a bit of a ramp up yesterday. The new irons arrived in the post and I have adjusted my bag to a Driver, 3 w, 2,3,4, Hybrids and 5-PW, 56* Wedge and Putter. The new irons are Powerbilt Airforce one's with regular flex shafts. Tried them out at Drummond Golf a few weeks back as I have the AF1 Driver and was interested. Liked the feel and they are light and give me a little more touch than the stiff flex Cobra S3 irons. Since my 8 week lay off in January and February due to injury. I purchased a new Driver last weekend Callaway Optiforce 10.5* reg flex (5.5)
Also a new set of Powerbilt Airforce One irons #3 and #4 are the Nitrogen filled version and I have retained my Burner TM clones in their place for theminute.
Previously I have been using #5 AND #6 Hybrid as well in the bag but I do find the irons wit ha regular flex are a little more versatile. Hence I will play this weekend with then instead of the hybrids. It will be a slight distance loss using irons but that is not a major problem. The New driver was a revelation, was simply warming up at Bordertown and our club prow as there doing a demo and he came over an offered me this club to try. Given he has been a great coach for my golfing and knows my golfing style well enough he has dialed this stick in perfectly. Ten hits and ten straight easy shots later I have a new driver. Lost some distance from the previous Powerbilt Airforce one driver but that is well worth the sacrifice for accuracy. This driver feels sensational and is a delight to hold and swing. This week I have been working with it and there is some extra distance in the club for me as well. That is secondary at the minute and can be developed la er in the month. Thankyou for your time and attention. Hit the ball Find the Ball, Hit the Ball Again , Geoff

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