Monday, February 16, 2015

Holding form with minimal practise...

Sunday's competition round was a test of my golfing game and brain. Leaving Adelaide at 7 am and getting home after a 4 hour drive took a bit of spring out of my step. The decision to golf was well worth it though, early night followed. I had no time to warm up and was playing for the same reason which drives me most, fun. Off the tee was mostly good and that was across the board on the day. Finishing with a gross 87, nett 74 and 34 putts. My handicap has crept out to 11.9 at the minute and lack of game time in the past three months and a broken practise regime is not helping. That is the reality of playing golf as a recreational sport, the rest of your life has precedence at times. Apart from a couple of wayward drives which added two recovery strokes, and putting that included 2 x 3 putts and there is the 4 strokes too many. Putting went way ward after a business call as well as some brain fades that had me misread the pace and hit balls way to soft. I have no complaints with any of the days actions it was fun. I am still working on a few tune up factors, moving the hips and putting the body behind strokes is one. This adds a lot of accuracy and power to the second shots on par fours especially. Hitting 8 fairways and 5 greens in regulation was not too bad a result. Considering the travelling and also 4 drives which were centimetres off the fairway and the same number of shots at the green which were also less than a metre off target, that is another reason for satisfaction from the day. Time is in the now zone for the final golf week preparations. The training schedule will be, Putting first, Driver second, then the short game and irons to the green. Getting the ball in the hole is always the most important stroke. Then having the ball on the fairway after tee shots. Thankyou for your time and attention. Geoff

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