Saturday, February 13, 2016

Single digit at last...

The past weekend was tiring on the track, busy with work and not in the best condition at the end of the weekends two rounds. Frustration in the first day 32 points and had the game by the scruff of the neck. Made the same mistake four times hitting 100 metre shots to the green fat and short. on Saturday. Sunday the same erratic shots to the greens killed the challenge to break the handicap and finished with 31 points. Made a decision to revert to the Cobra Fly Z irons simply because of the variety of wedges this set has and the results were immediate. Two days of playing six holes in the afternoon had my pars and birdie scores racking up. Thursday afternoon headed to Kingston and played 18 holes and finished with 79 off the stick, 39 points and a net 69. Woo Hoo played to 8 hcp and slope of 7.7, what ever that means. With four three putts the room for improvement is there still. This score got me to 9.1 GA handicap. With a 10.1 dropping off on the next round will be out to consolidate the handicap this weekend. Saturday was back at Kingston and an all or nothing round with a 10 hcp round dropping off. Was highlighted with playing partner scoring an ace on the 17th hole. Struggled my way around the front nine playing cautious and hesitant too often with glimpses of perfect form. With 44 and 15 points the back nine was all or nothing and it took nothing much more to do hat was needed. Finished with 39 and 21 points for gross 83 Nett 73 and 36 points. The crunch was this round had a flagged 10 hcp score dropping off and it has been replaced with one the same. With six rounds to play before another flagged round is up I am on 9.2 at least for a while. The practise of past weeks has been short game and putting and has paid off. These two game facets saved par several times and are backed up with improving greens in regulation and driving stats. Fitness is still the key pushing myself is out of the question, the crest of the initial effort has been crossed. I must admit that I have established a very aggressive game compared to the one I was playing 12 months ago. Whilst the mental decision was made then it has taken some time to be physically capable in playing the game I want. It is great fun and that is without doubt the best thing about playing golf at this ability level. Would like to get out again tomorrow and will make the final call mid morning. May be better off going to the gym, but would rather play golf. Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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