Sunday, April 30, 2006

Petting sharks, it's the friendly thing to do.

Penguin Hunter Diaries Interfering bloody busy bodies who wanna be nannies to everyone else outa take a leaf outa their own books and shut up more often. Adventure never hurts anyone except the adventurer if it goes wrong. Apparently it is a little thing called freedom of choice. As all the highly moral, moderate living, straightlaced inhabitants of this place know ( all 3 of you ) from reading all their favorite books, The world is flat, still! Columbus, was a terrible sailor but a bloody good fiction writer and well Galleilio and Da Vinci were totally off the planet I mean imagine the Earth not being the centre of the universe what a load of bullshit! NASA is just a branch of Hollywood, you can get away with man walking on the moon but when they start having dune buggy's driving on it well come on. You try standing on a block of cheese and see what happens! As if a car can drive on cheese!?Which gets me to dolphins filthy incestuous critters into infancide who freeload feeds of fish coz they have a hole in their head and breathe so they are related to us. Yeah well so are monkeys and if they are so cute why is the 'brazillian' so popular and having a hairy back not a social turn on?! Sharks are friendly here's proof this shark was feeding of a dead whale here and this guy petted it. He still has both arms nothing was taste tested at all and you guessed it all the bloody Nanny Heads went beserk at his irresponsible behaviour and the example he was setting publicly. The poor bastard ended up doing a public apology in an interview. What a waste of valuable newsprint and air time two words would have sufficed "Intercourse" and "Off!"

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