Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Great Idea - Now What?"

Okay I have taken the title from The Advertiser's - Review article on Saturday which is the first of a special series on SA this week. The newspaper is bringing some bold ideas to the 'table' for discussion on a vision for a vibrant Adelaide in 2020. I am anticipating seeing this and the reaction across the board before it is quietly shelved away and overshadowed by other issues of importance. Various hamstring injuries, amount of beer to be drank before eating a pie floater etc.

Mike Rann in his introduction to the Government Strategic Plan from March 2004 wrote, "South Australia has had so many plans and we have been consulted to death, what we have lacked is a comparable zeal for implementation..." Much like entering an SA team into the AFL it would not have happened unless Brian Webber and his board at the PAFC hadn't made the decision for the club and it's members because Adelaide was becoming a playing field that was no fun any more.

The Heysen Tunnel, Southern Express Way, the O-Bahn, National Wine Centre, the Multi Function Polis, Monarto development, Football Park, Victoria Square, some are constructions that have eventuated some have not. Invigorating and enacting tangible zeal for the future, starting today. That is going to be something to be part of, hearing, seeing and most importantly doing. Where the questions and analysis are of you and no-one else. For this to happen each resident of the State is accountable and responsible. Do you the balls/courage to ring, for example talkback radio and say that the esteemed figure who said, ie; the grand prix was stolen, or kick a vic, is wrong?

This is not a material construction, no bricks and mortar put together by tradespeople which will say, "SA has zeal". There is no shortage of people with the right kind of zeal to make a SA improve. Just you do not hear them as often or as loudly as those whose zealousness is wrong. Much harder to make in fact because people have to stand up as individuals and shrug off decades of negatives being enhanced and repeated ad nauseum. One other thing, you don't get paid for being zealous. Some people do and that is also a problem because what is needed is people who can stand up in front of people and be zealous of SA in the new RIGHT way and the people listening HAVE TO DO THIS NOW and make the current State mentality and attitude change.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff

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