Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mining Jobs available, an introduction from experience

Brilliant, Adserv have put a link to Mining jobs available, on my blog. I think it is fair as I have worked in mines to give a little info on the job for readers and include a few pics to show what it looks like underground. Firstly, I hope you like to travel. Crews I have worked with have been everywhere from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Africa, Sth America and Europe. If appearance and dress sense are crucial to your ego this is not the job for you. There is lots of dirt on you, around you, and in you. Claustrophobia, is a definite disadvantage. A liking for making big bangs, is bound to be satisfied. Drinking is not mandatory, many miners I worked with were teetotallers. Being able to read or have a hobby is crucial, you are generally in the middle of -

nowhere and in between working, sleeping and eating there is not much to do. Golf is a good hobby. Ivan, yeah he was even a Russian took up golf after seeing it on television. I think I recall him telling us about his experience at an actual Golf Club after he took up his hobby. Ivan played a very special game of golf. The Ancient Rules of Ivan Golf will never be followed by anyone els and when Ivan found out that the other version of golf had rules he did not make up he never played on a course again. Why bother he had his own, with a few unique aspects, No greens, holes or tee blocks. 'Ivan Golf', entailed getting your sticks, an esky full of beer and ice, teeing up a ball and just hitting it into the nearest open space. Being in the middle of nowhere this was easy. Then the players just followed the balls direction and hit them around until the beer ran out.

Thankyou for your time and attention, Geoff.

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