Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogging or MySpace! You need help if you say YES to 3 of these...LoL

You know your addicted to Myspace when:
1. You are at a bar or club and you suddenly realize you recognize someone. You can't figure out how and then it dawns on you... You have never met this person before, but have spent a considerable amount of time looking at their Myspace.
2. After meeting someone your conversation somehow leads to - "So, are you on Myspace?"
3. You do not call people anymore, you post comments and send messages through Myspace
4. When talking about one of your friends you just refer to them as 'Brandonisforlovers' rather than their real name.
5. When you're out with friends and you take a good picture you exclaim loudly, "That's going on Myspace!"
6. Conversations with friends tend to lead to, "Did you read that bulletin/comment/ or see that new picture 'Cuddlemaria' left?"
7. You check your Myspace as soon as you wake up, and right before you go to bed, including the 10 times you check it during the day
8. You know people who have gotten offended about the Top 8.
9. You start off intending to check if you have new messages/comments but find AN HOUR LATER that you are still on and have no idea what you even accomplished during that time except stalk.
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Ultra Toast Mosha God said...

This applies to Facebook and Blogger - both of which I am addicted to.

geoff said...

LMAO and it is such a fun addiction as well. I make a special effort to work on line and not blogg to excess and it took me yars to be a moderate blogger. Yet this has now became an excessive 'net user hahaha